Better Life Expectancy Pushes Demand For Advanced Wound Care

Wounds pose significant hazard to patients, providers and the global health economy, affecting millions and costing billions of dollars annually. However, the past two decades have witnessed substantial changes in the wound care sector. The traditional wound dressing products have been replaced by advanced wound care products which possess rapid healing properties. Advanced wound care […]

Batteries And Fuel Cells Technology: The Future Of Advance Energy Storage

Advance energy storage system has gained popularity over the years with growing concerns over climate change, which has eventually led to opt for renewable and sustainable energy resources as an alternative. There has been significant development in the advance energy market in the recent years, owing to factors like technological advancements and decreased average cost […]

Next Generation Payment Technology Market Gaining Momentum As The World Moves Towards A Cashless Society

With the world moving towards a dynamic digital age, population, especially in urban areas, are looking for a faster, secure and easier option for digital transactions. The recent years have seen an exponential growth in the mobile industry and a rise in the demand of easier payment methods. Technological companies and financial institutions have laid […]

What Brexit Holds For Vapers

E-cigarettes have gained popularity recently and expeditiously, as these are increasingly being used as smoking cessation products. These devices are being marketed as a product which helps to quit the habit of smoking tobacco. When the e-cigarette market gained momentum, Europe lagged behind North America, in terms of product adoption, however, the region is expected […]

FinFET’s Future In The Market Of Semiconductors

Fin Field Effect Transistor (FinFET) technology has gained immense popularity with increasing rate of revenue at a global scale. The FinFET technology was developed as a result of the problem of current leakage in metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET). It had a significant impact on the leakage of current and thus resulted in total low power […]