5 Technology Thoughts For 2015

The analysts at BIS Research have tracked a host of technology during 2014 and have come up with an authoritative forecast for top 5 technologies that will have disruptive impact on market, business models, economies and people.

3D Printing: 2014 witnessed rapid adoption of 3d printers across both professional and personal applications. The year marked the entry of giants such as HP, IPOs for some of the key players such as SLM Solutions. 3D printing industry is expected to gain further ground during 2015.

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Electronic Cigarette or Vaporizer : Growth amid confusion and chaos is how the market analysts at BIS Research Describes this multi-billion market opportunity.

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Precision Agriculture: Technological advancements, decreasing ASP of sensors, and pressing food demand have opened a huge new opportunity for technology in the field of agriculture.

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Electronic Security and Surveillance: Security and Surveillance is an ever growing market. BIS Research expects Biometrics, video surveillance, cyber security, and services to be a dominant trend in the market during 2015.

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Connected Living:  “Wearables” continues to remain a buzzword in the industry, however, driverless car, smart home, and smart lighting have shown encouraging traction in the market. 2015 is expected to witness consolidation in some of these connected device market and also open up new market opportunity for “Internet of Energy”

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