Coalition for the Advancement of Precision Agriculture conducts inaugural Precision Ag forum

The first Coalition for the Advancement of Precision Agriculture (CAPA) Forum was held in Washington D.C on Sept. 18. The Agricultural Retailers Association, along with CropLife America, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and other organizations worked in support of CAPA to fulfill the aim of educating and informing the regulatory and legislative committees about the applications of precision farming and the technology involved.

The CAPA works towards voicing the benefits of precision agriculture technology and the forum was one such attempt. Analysts at BIS Research having conducted exhaustive research understand that technological innovations will be a key player in the progress and development of precision farming.

Paul Schrimpf, executive editor with Meister Media Worldwide and director of the Precision Ag Institute, said in retrospect:“Precision agriculture has made incredible strides in the last seven to eight years. These advances go beyond equipment and application to agronomy, sustainability and conservation.”

The coalition will seek to increase awareness of provided through precision agriculture practices and technologies, including variable rate technology, guidance systems and soil testing and monitoring.

The event attended by several dignitaries from the agriculture industry included a panel discussion which was moderated by Schrimpf. The discussions led to a conclusion that precision farming is the way to go and work to increase awareness about the productivity improvements and sustainability enhancements that can be achieved through practices and technologies such as variable rate technology, guidance systems and soil testing and monitoring must continue.

BIS Research has prepared a thorough market report analyzing the present trends and forecasting the future of technology in precision farming. You may contact us for a sample here.

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