Electronic Cigarette

Will The New Regulations Slow Down The E-liquid Market In U.S?

Since the advent of e-cigarette, the United States has been the largest revenue generating region in e-liquid and e-cigarette market, with a dynamic nature of the market. The rising interest of big tobacco companies in the e-cigarette market gave a boost to the e-liquid market, with high proliferation in the demand of e-cigarettes and accessories. […]

What Brexit Holds For Vapers

E-cigarettes have gained popularity recently and expeditiously, as these are increasingly being used as smoking cessation products. These devices are being marketed as a product which helps to quit the habit of smoking tobacco. When the e-cigarette market gained momentum, Europe lagged behind North America, in terms of product adoption, however, the region is expected […]

The Law in Vapor

The E-Cigarette and Vaping industry has experienced a remarkable journey over the last few years. Some glorify vapes to be the saviors for addicted smokers, while others rubbish these claims and consider it as just another product to pander the masses. Though the media seems to have an undecided stance on the issue, with a […]

The Burgeoning E-Cigarette Market

Since the last few years, the market for electronic cigarette, or commonly known as e-cigarette, has been propelling at a significant rate, due to the fact that numerous people have shifted their loyalties from traditional smoking to the newly emerged concept of vaping.  However, keeping aside the fact that e-cigarettes are increasingly becoming mainstream; a […]

Vape up, coz Smoke up is passé

The electronic cigarette market is on the course of gradual advancement despite the lack of uniformity regarding its regulations in the global market. The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is a battery-operated device used to emulate the overall conventional experience of smoking, by emitting variable doses of nicotine and non-nicotine solutions that are inhaled instead of […]

Japan Tobacco Bets Big With Logic

global tobacco giants were relatively slow to enter the electronic cigarette industry, but have made up for the lag, securing their positions in the market through mergers, acquisitions and/or rolling out new brands. Evidently, it comes as no surprise that the global electronic cigarette market has been growing exponentially since 2012 and has reached $4.8 […]