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Global Prenatal Testing and Newborn Screening Market: A Boon For The Modern Family’s Woes

With the advancement in technology and in people’s lifestyle, the cases of genetic disorder or abnormalities have increased significantly. Simultaneously, there has been advancement in the healthcare technology to tackle the modern age problems. Prenatal testing and newborn screening is the most modernized trends in the healthcare industry with a tremendous level of progress in […]

Better Life Expectancy Pushes Demand For Advanced Wound Care

Wounds pose significant hazard to patients, providers and the global health economy, affecting millions and costing billions of dollars annually. However, the past two decades have witnessed substantial changes in the wound care sector. The traditional wound dressing products have been replaced by advanced wound care products which possess rapid healing properties. Advanced wound care […]

Mainstreaming Mobile Health

The present day world order strives to deliver first-class, safe, and affordable healthcare facilities to the citizens. The various healthcare systems, along with a legal national or a regional authority, endeavours to realize this aspiration and make it happen in reality. However, growing healthcare challenges are not just limited to the developed economies- many under-developed […]