Market Research Report

The Miracles of Medicinal Uses of Cannabis

Cannabis has emerged as the most widely used amongst all psychoactive drugs in the market, thanks to its medicinal and industrial uses. Multi-faceted applications, expansion of licensing strategies and automated irrigation systems among others have been largely responsible for boosting the North American cannabis market. Owing to its medicinal properties, more than 23 states and […]

Video Surveillance Market on a Steady Rise

The Video Surveillance system is gradually turning into a major business enterprise; and moreover, is anticipated to get considerably bigger in the coming years. With security professionals and business owners vying to provide safety and security to their clients and employed staff, the technological upside of surveillance is becoming a primary cause for the promising […]

Biometrics Authentication & Identification: Replacing Passwords in Near Future

Biometrics offers substantial security benefits to the average consumer — including greater protection from identity theft, data theft and possibly even financial fraud. It is substantially more secure for privacy protection than using a basic password or four digit personal identification number (PIN). Since its inception, passwords have been the default credential for human authentication. From our […]

Rise of the Drones

The propelling development of UAV, what is known as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, is a testament to the current trend of the market warming up to novel, innovative forms of technology, followed by a gradual increase in its demand. The term UAV was officially modified to Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to encompass the complex ground-level […]

Safeguarding Europe E liquid market

The European e-liquid market has been in the hold of EU’s Tobacco Product Directives (TPD) for the past 14 years. Increasing number of deaths and deteriorating public health in EU due to escalating tobacco intake added up to an impending need for a proper regulation of tobacco products and introducing TPD. Last year, European Union […]

3 Technologies Shaping The Future Of Agriculture

It would be safe to say that no other industry comes close to Agriculture with regards to having such a colossal contribution to the lives of the people. As times and demographics have changed either for good or for the worse, the Agriculture industry has only developed further in terms of technology, innovative practices and, […]

Japan Tobacco Bets Big With Logic

global tobacco giants were relatively slow to enter the electronic cigarette industry, but have made up for the lag, securing their positions in the market through mergers, acquisitions and/or rolling out new brands. Evidently, it comes as no surprise that the global electronic cigarette market has been growing exponentially since 2012 and has reached $4.8 […]

Applying Drones, Redefining Agriculture

In recent news, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has for the first time allowed the usage of Drones for agriculture practices. Some of the on-field use case for drones are : Crop Scouting (Health Monitoring): The ability to inspect mid-season crops with Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI) or near-infrared sensors (NIR) is one of the […]

Wearable in healthcare has arrived finally!

BIS Research has been actively tracking wearable market and continues to publish expert interviews with market leaders. In this series our Analyst talks to Deepak Prakash, Marketing and New Products Leader, Vancive Medical Technologies (Avery Dennison). Below is the excerpt from the interview: Analyst: Could you provide a brief overview of your company? Deepak: Vancive […]

CES 2015 brings Next-Gen Surveillance Tech to the fore

Video Surveillance has now become a ubiquitous reality. Surveillance cameras on streets, other public institutions and even homes are a common sight. The technology has gone through rapid changes with introduction of Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, LED lenses, drones and robots, and cloud storage facilities for seamless data interoperability. The recently concluded 2015 Consumer Electronics […]