Precision Agriculture: The Farming Techniques To Boost Farm Yields

Precision Agriculture: The Farming Techniques To Boost Farm Yields

The integration of modern precision farming technologies aims at combining the whole farm management system to deliver higher yields while at the same time achieving sustainability. Precision farming technology has made the farm smarter by bringing in wireless data communications making it easier for the farmers to monitor the entire chain of activities while also controlling the profit generation.

Integrating various activities helps improve productivity and quality of the harvest while also facilitates the farmer to keep track of his profits. Precision farming technology is not just a stand-alone device, but rather a set of many components from which farmers can choose to form a system that meets their unique needs and operation size.

GPS-based manual guidance devices have been around for a decade or so, however since the past four to five years the use of automated guidance has heaved tremendously. While manual systems depended on the machinist to manually guide the equipment on the GPS-targeted path, automated systems have replaced manual involvement with mechanical navigation.

UAVs are small, self-propelled aircrafts which help collect high-resolution data from fields rapidly and inexpensively. The device is equipped with a data collection component such as a camera or thermal image sensor. UAVs have a lot of potential in the precision farming however a lot of study still has to go before it can fulfill its promise.

A well educated farmer can thoroughly analyze his requirement or take the help of a consultant to devise a plan for a particular farm. Once the purpose is defined suitable precision agriculture technologies can be put forth to achieve higher yields and profit.

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