Global Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market

Unmanned Ground Vehicle To Help Beef Up The Defense System Across The Globe

Automation has taken the wold by a storm, from commercial industries to defense system, every sphere of life is witnessing a huge investment in automation process. Industrial automation is on a gradual rise with increasing demand for cutting labor cost among manufacturers, which helps in increasing efficiency and production. But beside the application in manufacturing and services sector, a major share of automation technology is used by defense sector. Armed forces and law enforcement agencies are utilising automated vehicles for a wide spectrum of tasks, ranging from explosive handling to terrain mapping. However, the most important reason for the use of unmanned ground vehicles is to reduce the casualty rate in course of dangerous encounters.

The increasing incidents of cross border terrorism and local insurgency have led to an increase in the allocation of funds in defense industry across the globe, and especially in Asian and Middle-Eastern countries. Unmanned ground vehicles are mobile robots which help in various tasks with the help of integrated programmes and guidance technologies. Although, the degree of autonomy is limited with the unmanned ground vehicles and these can be deployed within the premises of the production facility.

Unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) are an advanced version of automated guided vehicles, which are ground based mobile robots, sensing and interacting with the surroundings with the help of board sensors, control systems and different modes of locomotion, while providing a complimentary force alongside armed personnel, thereby increasing efficiency and precision in tasks. The demand for robotic ground vehicles has risen over the years in commercial and defense sector, owing to the need of automation across a plethora of industries and applications. The growth of the global unmanned ground vehicle market is due to the increased efficiency, flexibility and precision provided by UGV, and to reduce the number of human interventions in hazardous tasks.

The global UGV market has a lot of sprouting opportunities across defense and security applications, viz. medical evacuation, explosive handling, terrain mapping and logistics etc. The global market is expected to grow exponentially at a robust CAGR, but some factors like high dependence on payloads and control systems may restrict the growth of the market.

With the increasing competition across different industries and race to provide quality products to the consumers, the commercial application of UGVs have gained importance as they improve efficiency and precision along with cutting down the labor cost. Hence, the demand of UGV will be rising across the industrial and defense sector, in applications such as ecommerce, logistics and mining. Over the period of 201 to 2023, remotely controlled and semi-autonomous UGV will continue to grow across key industries like automotive, logistics and food and beverage, among others.

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