And the word of the year is VAPE!

And the word of the year is VAPE!

As per the official announcement from the Oxford Dictionaries, Vape is the word of the year 2014. We tried to understand the popularity of alternate word for electronic cigarette and have the following results through the Google Trends.

 Interestingly,  the search volume ( an indicator of interest on internet) for vape is the highest and is increasingly becoming more popular.  This shows the increasing interest and awareness for the electronic cigarette market.  Our research findings suggest that the electronic cigarette industry will grow over $39 billion by 2022. The electronic cigarette market research report suggests that 2015 is going to witness increasing competition and gain good traction across the world.

Though, the Europe is leading the electronic cigarette adoption across the world, the regional online interest in “Vape” as a keyword shows more than 50% of traffic coming from the North America with the U.S. accounting for the lion’s share.

Electronic Cigarette market by region

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