From smoking to vaping The Evolution of Electronic Cigarette and Vaporizer

From smoking to vaping: The Evolution of Electronic Cigarette and Vaporizer

The tobacco free electronic version of the conventional cigarette was the first of its kind e-cigarette. These looked like the conventional cigarette but instead contained a battery, coil and cartridge filled with e-juice. As time went by this version was upgraded to one which had a rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge. Users could vary the amount of nicotine intake depending on the cartomizer, e-juice and battery being put to use. This primarily was how the first generation of electronic cigarettes was.

This period attracted a lot of attention from government bodies and business houses alike. Electronic cigarettes which were being marketed as a safer option to the conventionally used cigarettes had captured the public’s imagination. Traditional players in the tobacco industry started investing in the business, acquiring the small players and merging with the ones who already had a stronghold in the sector.

Then came the second generation of products, which improved vaping experience to a great extent. The batteries were now larger and of higher capacity, which allowed the e-cigarettes or vaporizers to be used for longer periods of time and also produce significant vapor. The E-go cigarette for example is known to produce a greater throat hit and much more vapor.

In recent times, these cigarettes have evolved all the more. They have much more features now; can be customized according to one’s suitability with a variety of options for the e-juices, have longer battery life and produce more vapor. Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV) or mods as they are known, are much more expensive and absolutely gorgeous. The voltage supply to these can be varied, which allows the user to modify the vapor amount and temperature. They have LED displays that indicate the numbers of puffs taken and the battery level. A version of these APV’s has inbuilt software that allows users to connect the vaporizer to their laptops or tablets via Bluetooth.

The electronic cigarette and vaporizer industry has come a long way. From a market that was viewed with apprehensions it has now grown into a multi-billion dollar market opportunity. Keeping with the times, technology has delivered us a product that allows you to keep tabs on the amount of nicotine intake just like we monitor sugar and blood pressure levels.

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