Global Biomaterials Market

Biomaterials Market Moving Ahead with Increasing Number of Healing Therapies and Plastic Surgeries

Biomaterials have proven to be a life saver for the patients suffering trauma by accident. In a recent breakthrough, Invibio Biomaterial Solutions teamed up with CarboFix Orthopedic to help James Ellington, the UK based athlete, to help him recover from trauma fractures and get back in the game.

MUOS Market

Mobile User Objective System to Clear the Noise in the Communication

The widespread application of satellites has boosted the growth of space industry and the number of these applications is increasing with the passing time. Now, to improve secure communications, especially in the defense sector, ultra…

Global Silicon Photonics Market

Silicon Photonics: A Breakthrough for Bulk Data Communication and Storage

Silicon photonics is an emerging technology which has revolutionized data communication and storage by carrying far more data in less time than electrical conductors. Silicon photonics has been anticipated as a substantial breakthrough in the very-high-speed data communications, telecommunications, and supercomputing.

Global Computer Aided Diagnostics (CADx) Market

Precision Diagnosis of Cancer with Computer Aided Diagnostics (CADx) Solution

According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, nearly 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in 2012. And according to National Cancer Institute, it is estimated that there will be 252,710 new cases of female breast cancer in 2017.

Global Biofuels Market

Can Biofuels Suffice the Increasing Energy Demand?

The perpetually increasing population has affected the natural ecosystem drastically and has led to an increased level of pollution across the world. Increased consumption of fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum, has caused irreparable damage to the atmosphere, and the fuel resources are expected to deplete by 2060.

Global Automotive Sensors Market

Escalating Demands for Autonomous Driving Boosting the Growth of Automotive Sensors Market

The automotive sensor market is directly proportional to the automotive market, the development of the latter affects the former. Furthermore, the rapid urbanization, an increasing need of personal transportation, and increase in the middle-class income has positively influenced the sales in the vehicle market, thus, increasing the demand for automotive sensors.

Small Launch Vehicle Market

Increasing Number of Nanosatellite Launch Driving the Demand for Small launch Vehicles

The space industry has also witnessed an increase in missions such as human space exploration activities or development of new space stations, which has in turn created a demand for the high frequency of launches.

Global Fermented Food & Ingredients Market

Fermented Foods and Ingredients Market Vying for a Robust Growth in the Future

The ever growing health concerns among the population have pushed the growth in the fermented food and ingredients market. The need for new food preservation techniques has increased with the changing dietary pattern on a global scale. This is further driving the growth of the market.

Global Nano Drones Market

Consumer Market Driving the Demand for Nano Drones

The global nano drone market is being driven by the heavy demand in the consumer market for recreational activities, owing to their low cost and less weight which is suitable for kids. Besides this, nano drones are becoming increasingly popular for aerial photography, equipped with HD camera for videos and images.

Global UAV Propulsion System Market

Innovative UAV Propulsion Systems Increasing Fuel Efficiency and Flight Endurance in UAVs

The global UAV propulsion system market was worth $ 2.7 billion in 2015, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.38%, between 2016 and 2022. Among various engine types available in the UAV propulsion system market, viz.

Blockchain Technology In Financial Services Market

Blockchain to Enter the Financial Services on a Large Scale

The blockchain technology is expected to eliminate the middlemen and automate processes ranging from tracking products through the supply chain to exchange of documents and final payments releases. This will act as a boon for the trade finance segment resulting in huge savings.

Global Biorational Product Market

Escalating Demand for Organic Foods a Stimulus for the Biorational Market

The biorational products market has witnessed its most significant growth, in terms of both revenue and consumer acceptance. This has paved the way for a worldwide acceptance of biorational products and they are being used in structural pest control, agriculture, public health, forestry, turf, and aquaculture, among others.