And the Winner is Metal!

And the Winner is Metal!

Solid Concepts ( Stratasys) has recently announced its second 3D printed metal gun, The Reason. The new model demonstrates a high level high-resolution metal printing techniques and features many improvement over its first model, the 1911.

Furthering the development of metal 3D printing, Arcam, a Sweden based 3d printing company that specializes in metal printing has reported 125% revenue growth for 3rd quarter. As per the company’s press release, “A strong order book and a positive business situation lay a solid foundation for a strong closing of 2014 and continued growth in 2015.”

The metals employed in 3D printing are more expensive and limited in their range than those used in conventional manufacturing. So industries need to control the cost and increase the range of metals, simultaneously maintaining the requisite standards and quality. Though with the advancement of technology in the field of mass production and with the increased capability to use a wider range of materials, cost for production is likely to go down. Also, recent developments have seen the availability of a wider range of metals. It is, however, very small as compared to those available for conventional methods of manufacturing. So there is a need to develop new metals for additive manufacturing like high performance metal alloys, superconductors, and new magnetic materials.

BIS Research, concluded study on 3d printing and additive manufacturing material market suggest that 3d printing using metal and metal alloys is likely to experience staggering growth CAGR of 43.91% (2014-2022) to reach a value of $736.65 million by 2022.

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