Webinar on Microbiome

Microbiome: Changing Contours of Beauty and Personal Care

Webinar on Microbiome

Overwhelming research on the intestine’s microbiota and the skin’s microbiome have traversed a long way from the hypothetical scientific, medical, and pharmaceutical world to becoming mainstream in 2019. A massively rising demand to go clean and natural has enabled the manufacturers to foray into understanding and defining products through and for the skin microbiome.

With agile and independent brands being the pioneers in this revolutionary field, larger global cosmetic organizations with greater research and development resources have also found footing in the market by investing into these start-ups and propelling their own manufacturing capabilities.

The microbiome’s position as a highly untapped resource has slowly begun to show a radically different landscape, bustling with tremendous opportunities to provide consumers with significant hope in countering diseases. Players across the healthcare and cosmetics industries have undertaken significant strategies in order to claim stakes in the rapidly growing yet nascent market.

However, since the market is still in an evolutionary stage, regulations will play a huge role in the future, with the U.S. FDA announcing that it is in the process of analyzing information to validate the safety of pro- and postbiotics in skin products. In addition, the rate at which the advances are taking place, it is certain that these will bolster the overall market scenario for skin microbiome therapeutics.

To explore the present scenario of the skin microbiome industry landscape and gauge the tremendous capabilities of it in advancing overall healthcare, join the webinar on “Microbiome: Changing Contours of Beauty and Personal Care” on Tuesday, 27th August 2019 at 10:30 AM PDT. The guest speakers associated with the webinar are Larry Weiss, CEO and Founder, Persona Biome, Inc., and Dr. Eva Berkes, CSO and Co-Founder, Quorum Innovations.

How skin microbiome can be tapped into advance skincare?

  • Provides an all-natural and clean product that has minimal side-effects
  • Introduces optimal treatment regimens in order to eliminate skin diseases
  • Enables novel treatment solutions to counter the ever-changing landscape of skin diseases
  • Utilizes the host’s own immune capabilities to ensure better treatment outcomes

Key Points to be Discussed in the Webinar

  • Identifying the current scenario for product types in the skin microbiome industry and the dynamics that are propelling the industry
  • Exploring market opportunities in different regions
  • Gauging how major consumer brands are investing into the skin microbiome start-ups and what their points of consideration are
  • Understanding the breakthrough developments occurring in the industry and their influence on the market
  • Estimating the effects of upcoming regulatory norms on the industry
  • Live Q&A with Guest Speakers


Who Should Attend this Webinar?

  • Cosmetic Manufacturers
  • Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Manufacturers
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Research Institutes
  • Skin Microbiome Start-ups

Speaker Profile

Larry Weiss, MD, CEO and Founder, Persona Biome

  • Larry Weiss has 20 patents and published papers in the areas of chemistry, electrophysiology, clinical pharmacology, and microbiome.
  • Persona Biome is a San Francisco based skin microbiome company.
  • Previously, he was the founding Chief Medical Officer at AOBiome.
  • At AOBiome, Dr. Weiss formulated AOB-101, the first live topical biotherapeutic and ran the first successful virtual Phase IIb clinical trial.
  • He has also developed the Mother Dirt cosmetics including AO Mist, the first live skin probiotic.
  • Weiss has an extensive background in natural products chemistry, microbiology, clinical medicine, dermatology, anesthesiology, biophysics, and pharmaceutical and cosmetic product development.
  • He is also board certified in Anesthesiology
  • He pursued his MD from Stanford University, and BS in Biochemistry from Cornell University.

Dr. Eva Berkes, CSO and Co-Founder,  Quorum Innovations

  • Eva Berkes co-founded Quorum Innovations in 2011.
  • Berkes is presently serving as its Chief Scientific Officer.
  • She co-invented the Quorum patented discovery platform, as well as several other patents in the areas of microbiome therapeutics and consumer goods.
  • Berkes developed, designed and helped launch one of the first human microbiome consumer skin care retail lines, marketed as BioEsse®.
  • She is a clinical allergist and immunologist, owing to which she first became interested in the therapeutic potential of the human microbiome.
  • Berkes is a graduate of Williams College, University of Florida College of Medicine and Scripps Clinic.

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