SLAM Technology Market

The Future of Navigation is Nigh with SLAM Technology

SLAM is continuously changing the way machines navigate and map. Be it a cleaning robot by Roomba, an external kit by Parrot named, SLAM DUNK, Autonomous car projects by Waymo (Google-owned company) and ARKit by Apple, they all have one thing in common. They use SLAM technology, which helps them to outperform their counterparts.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), a technology which is poised to become the mainstream method of mapping and localization across a variety of platforms that include Robots, UAVs, AR and the autonomous vehicle.

It is a unique technology to have penetration across such variety of platforms and all at the same time. A lot of tech giants Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook., you name it, and they all are already investing towards the refinement of this technology.

SLAM Technology Market
SLAM Technology Market

SLAM is going to be the future of navigation, and it has already started to replace technologies like marker-based AR and is making high-priced LiDAR unnecessary. In the long run, it can rise as a better alternative for the GPS technology.

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