Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Market

Voluminous Increase In Waste Water To Affect The Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Market

The small share of fresh water present on Earth helps in sustenance of life and livelihood and thus, it becomes immensely important to save and recycle it. Contamination of water resources has increased manifold over the past century and natural disasters are said to have risen in number because of the depletion of water resources. Although the world has come to terms with this problem and have started treating waste water, but improper waste water management can lead to air, land, surface, and groundwater pollution.

Waste water is a by-product of civilization, which has increased tremendously in volume over the past few decades. Because of this voluminous increase, the water and waste water treatment market will witness a surge. Water and waste water treatment is the process of recycling the water for municipal and industrial use. Waste water treatment has become the need of the hour, as draughts have become more frequent in some of the regions, especially along the equator. There has been an increase in fresh water use in the last five years, and it is bound to increase exponentially in the coming future due to increasing globalization and urbanization.

Water and waste water treatment market will increase exponentially owing to the rising demand of fresh water, surge in waste water volume and stringent regulations regarding water bodies in non-developed and developing economies. Established players will have an upper hand in the market with commercialization and business expansion across various water infrastructures like chemicals and equipment. Emerging technologies such as zero liquid discharge technologies, resource recovery and smart water solutions, are expected to disrupt the market and help various public and private stakeholders to effectively treat, recycle and recover energy from waste water.

Establishing a waste water treatment plant is a capital intensive task and the cost is directly proportional to the number of water and waste water treatment facilities being established. Because of the high investment cost and energy consumption towards water treatment, non-developed countries lag behind in the treatment of waste water and lack infrastructure for the same. Such difficulties are a hurdle for the water and waste water treatment market, which inevitably leads to improper waste water treatment, which in turn poses severe health hazard to humans.

The aforementioned hurdles can be tackled by involving private players in the industry, and this is the factor which will drive the market forward. Various governments are roping in private companies to take on the water treatment process by opting for public private partnerships such as Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) and Design, Build, and Operate (DBO) models in developing economies. This scenario presents a horde of opportunities for private players.

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