Webinar on ‘Big Data: The Goldmine of Precision Agriculture’ with Maximilian Birle and Stefan Fürnsinn

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To address the escalating demand for food from the limited farmlands and labor, established agriculture machinery developers and technology vendors are introducing innovative solutions in the farming sector. One such solution to ensure optimum utilization of resources in order to achieve high productivity and reduced operational costs is precision agriculture. Introduction of precision agriculture technologies has led to the generation of overwhelming amount of data.

Big data is expected to propel the future of farm-to-food processes ranging from seed planting to harvesting. Players across the agriculture supply chain are focusing on the development of on-farm technology to support data-driven decision-making. The sector is moving toward increased collaborations to develop outcome-based solutions for farmers. Utilization of data services is expected to enhance productivity and reduce wastage in every agronomy process. However, farmers are worried about data security which is one of the major reasons hindering the wide adoption of data-driven agronomy across the globe.

To explore the present scenario of data-driven farming and evaluate the capabilities of big data in precision agriculture, BIS Research is conducting a webinar, ‘Big Data: The Goldmine of Precision Agriculture’, on Thursday 8th August 2019 at 10:30 AM PDT, with guest speaker Mr. Maximilian Birle, Head of Product Management, CNH Industrial N.V.

Why Big-Data is an Emerging Solution in Precision Agriculture?

  • Provide real-time insights into farm operations and financial activities
  • Identify optimization strategies for future crop yields
  • Establish supply-chain transparency
  • Offer data-driven risk assessment for decision making

Why Attend the Webinar?

  • To understand the impact of big data on agriculture
  • To explore market opportunities in different regions
  • To identify the challenges faced by farmers
  • To learn ways to mitigate data related concerns
  • To evaluate the required technological advancements to encourage widespread adoption

Attendees’ Take Home

  • Live Q&A with Guest Speaker
  • Free Whitepaper titled “Economic Feasibility of Precision Agriculture: Real-Time Challenges for Farmers of Today” 

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

  • Agriculture OEMs
  • Agrichemical and Seed Companies
  • Agriculture Technology Solution Providers
  • Data Service Providers
  • Research Institutes

Speaker Profile

Mr. Maximilian Birle, Head of Product Management, CNH Industrial N.V.

  • Maximilian Birle is presently the Head of Product Management at the CNH Industrial AXGTEND AGTECH Platform AGXTEND
  • Birle has over 10 years of experience in Precision Agriculture focusing in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • He has extensive expertise in service and training
  • He is also an influential thought leader renowned for his public engagements

Stefan Fürnsinn, Senior Vice President Digital Farming, at Yara International

  • Stefan Fürnsinn oversees managing and scaling the global digital and precision agriculture business in Yara, and for innovating and commercializing digitally enabled business models.
  • He is leading a dynamic and fast-growing digital team across all regions and key agricultural markets and is passionate about responsibly feeding the world and protecting the planet,
  • The focus of his team is in designing innovative services and solutions that speak directly to the farmer’s, agronomist’s and food chain’s evolving needs in a shifting world, towards more productive, prospering and sustainable food production.
  • Stefan holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in International Business.
  • Before joining Yara, Stefan was a Partner at McKinsey & Company focusing on agriculture and food, and an entrepreneur and scientist in renewable energy.

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