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Lead Analyst - Aerospace & Defense

Position Title: Lead Analyst
Vertical: Aerospace & Defence
Experience : 5 to 6yrs
Location: Noida, India

Education: B.Tech /M.Tech/B.E (Hons)/B.SC


  • Ensuring achievement of quarterly and annual production targets.
  • Guiding and mentoring Research professionals at all levels to ensure quality & timelines of research deliverables.
  • Syndicated Production Management (Planning, Timeliness, Quality, Documentation) and publication ownership.
  • Shall be responsible for new titles Selection / Recommendation/ Assessment and Approval each quarter.
  • Primary Insights - Ensuring adequate number of primaries per SKU from team members .
  • Shall be responsible for gathering primary insights from industry experts at Senior positions.
  • Revenue Enablement - Sales & Marketing Support (Sales Calls / Client Queries / Proposals / KT)
  • Thought Leadership enablement through Whitepaper or analyst notes, and webinars

Skills Desired:

  • Clear understanding of basics for Market Research, including primary research and secondary research
  • Proficient in quantitative and qualitative data collection and further analysis
  • Previous experience in analyzing data using different techniques
  • Have superior analytical and writing skills, be a proactive communicator, and possess a keen eye for detail
  • Have good command over business English

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Job Ref# : LA005

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