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Research Analyst (Agritech)

Position Title : Research Analyst
Department : Research- Agritech

Roles & Responsibilities

  • The incumbent will devise a research plan and effective research strategy to conduct market research effectively
  • Work and design analysis plan and most effective search strategies. Gather required information and filter relevant themes from, subscription databases, the Internet, print media, company representatives, external research organizations, telephonic interviews with industry experts, etc. Utilize both secondary and primary (interview, survey) research sources and techniques
  • Organize, analyze, synthesize and/or summarize data and information using appropriate analytical tools. Conduct quantitative (statistical analysis, financial data analysis, etc.) and qualitative analysis (in-depth interviews, etc) as necessary
  • Communicate research results through the creation of structured end-products (memos, spreadsheets, reports, presentations, etc.)
  • Expected to prepare and deliver Industry and Sector Research in their Areas of Specializations.

Skills Desired:

  • Well versed with Agritech, Foodtech and Energy industry 
  • Clear understanding of basics for Market Research, including primary research and secondary research
  • Proficient in quantitative and qualitative data collection and further analysis
  • Previous experience in analysing data using different techniques
  • Good teamwork and communication skills
  • Have good command over Business English 

Education- / (Hons)/

Location- Noida

Applicant Information

Job Ref# : RA004

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