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World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

World Agri Summit

The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit is back on March 14-15, 2023, bringing together founders, corporates, investors and experts from the agri-food community to move transformational agricultural technologies out of the lab and into the field.

Come for two full days of panels, roundtable debates, interactive breakout sessions and start-up discovery, with a whole floor dedicated to start-up talent. Don't miss out on the biggest deal-making event of the year as the international agri-food community converges on San Francisco.

Ticket price will increase after January 25, use promo code BISFRIEND to take advantage before Early Bird pricing ends:

Webinar on Sustainable Space Economy : Needed Philosophy & Next Steps[email protected]ebaa93b0d

Webinar on Sustainable Space Economy

Agenda of the webinar: 

• NewSpace market, Constellations, New Products and Services, Evolving Demand 
• Constellations, Serial production, Standardization of platforms & subsystems 
• Constellations, Rise in demand for dedicated launch services, New launch capabilities, Spaceports 
• Space debris, collision concerns, signal interference, space regulations

Key Takeaways from the webinar:

•    State of the space industry, technology and market trends, future of the space industry
•    Serial production trends, Impact on demand for subsystems and components
•    New launch service providers, small launch vehicles, Spaceport based business models
•    Evolving risks, recent debris incidents, evolving security concerns, implications for space participants, future of space regulations
•    Sustainability in the space domain and its variation across segments, Opportunities for implementing sustainability in space companies
•    Future of sustainability in space domain

Webinar on Liquid Biopsy: An Emerging Frontier in Early Multicancer Detection[email protected]ebaa93b0d

Webinar on Liquid Biopsy

Agenda of the Webinar:

  • Liquid Biopsy: Trends and Key Market Developments
  • Describe the most common methodologies employed in liquid biopsy analysis
  • Overview emerging clinical applications and the testing landscape
  • Liquid Biopsy – Adoption Scenario and Key Investments
  • Conclusion and Future Outlook

Why Attend the Webinar?

  • To Understand the Technological Innovation in Liquid Biopsy
  • To Identify Factors Limiting the Liquid Biopsy Adoption in Clinical Application
  • How liquid biopsies may help with treatment selection and monitoring of cancer treatment outcomes.
    • To Explore Market Opportunities in Different Regions

Webinar on: “Green Hydrogen and Green Fuels - The Future of Energy”


       Agenda of the Webinar

  • Green Hydrogen and Green Fuels Economy: Trends and Key Market Developments
  • Primary Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Associated Environmental Issues
  • Green hydrogen and Green Fuels as a Sustainable Solution
  • Green Fuels – Adoption Scenario and Key Investments
  • Conclusion and Future Outlook

    Why Attend the Webinar?
  • To Understand the Need to Switch Towards Green Fuels
  • To Identify Factors Limiting the Green Fuels Adoption
  • To Explore Upcoming Technologies in Green Fuels
  • To Explore Market Opportunities in Different Regions
  • To Analyse the Futurist Scenario of the Green Fuels Industry

  • Ómar Sigurbjörnsson Director Sales and Marketing, Carbon Recycling International
  • Dr. Christopher Papile EPC and OEM Lead, Catalyte
  • Sydney Lobo Consultant, currently associated with Catalyte, and former TATA Renewables Officer 
  • Kaustubh Kamble Senior Research Analyst (Advanced Materials, Chemicals and Fuels), BIS Research

Webinar on: In-orbit Refueling: In-Space Economy & Emerging Growth Opportunities

Webinar Banner - In-orbit Refueling

Agenda of the webinar:

  • In-Space Economy: Key market developments
  • Segments of In-Space Economy, Significance of In-orbit Refueling
  • Non-Cooperative & Cooperative Missions: Earth Orbit vs. Deep Space Missions
  • Docking systems, refueling ports, situational awareness, standardization in manufacturing, risks and barriers


1. Daniel Faber, CEO, Orbit Fab

2. NILOPAL OJHA, Team Lead, Aerospace & Defense, BIS Research

3. ARUN KUMAR SAMPATHKUMAR, Principal Analyst, Aerospace & Defense, BIS Research

4. AMY GRACIA, Team Lead, Aerospace & Defense, BIS Research

Calendar Information – Commercial UAV Expo 2022

Commercial UAV Expo is the world’s leading trade show and conference focusing on the integration and operation of commercial UAS with more exhibitors than any other commercial drone event. Industries covered include Construction; Drone Delivery; Energy & Utilities; Forestry & Agriculture; Infrastructure & Transportation; Mining & Aggregates; Public Safety & Emergency Services; Security; and Surveying & Mapping. Launched in 2015, Commercial UAV Expo gathers the international drone ecosystem under one roof. With top-notch education, unparalleled networking, and more exhibits than any other commercial drone event, Commercial UAV Expo is the must-attend event if keeping up with the newest technology and developments is a priority. It is presented by Commercial UAV News and organized by Diversified Communications, organizer of GEO Business, Digital Construction Week and Geo Week which is comprised of International LiDAR Mapping Forum, SPAR 3D Expo & Conference and AEC Next Expo & Conference.







Webinar on Emerging Satellite Capabilities: Enabling Sustainability Across Constellation Missions



  • NILOPAL OJHA, Team Lead- BIS Research
  • ARUN KUMAR, Principal Analyst- BIS Research
  • AMY GRACIA, Team Lead- BIS Research

Agenda of webinar:

a. Space Trends & Developments
b. In-orbit inspection, repair, assembly & replacement
c. In-orbit last mile delivery (space tugs), refueling
d. Ground station network, frequent revisits, downstream service requirements, optical communications (ISL/sat-to-ground)
e. Introduction to Warpspace Inc.: Optical Communication Solutions for Constellation Missions

View Recording:

PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit

Event Link:

BIS Research would be exhibiting and speaking at this event.

Speaker: Abdul Wahid Khan, AVP Healthcare Practice

Event Logo

Webinar: Farm Management Software - Enabling a Trusted Supply Chain

Speakers: Guillaume Antoine Rabhi: Chief Digital Officer at AGRIVI and Om Routray: Vice President - Marketing, SourceTrace


  • Key Issues impacting Farming Sector
  • Farm Management Software (and associated technologies) as a Solution 
  • Use Cases of Farm Management Software- Deep Dive 
  • Global Implementation of FMS & Data Analytics - Adoption Scenario
  • Conclusion & Future Outlook

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Mental Health Wellness in a Post Pandemic World


  • Laura Scarrone Bonhomme: Head of Mental Health Services - UK and Ireland, Teledoc Health
  • Clive Michelsen, CEO My-E-Health AB

Webinar Date and Time: September 15th, 2021. 7PM BST/2PM EDT/11.30 PM IST

View the recording at

Key Takeaways

  • To gauge the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health ecosystem.
  • To analyze mental health issues and way to Promoting Mental Health and Preventing Mental Illness
  • To understand the benefit of remote-delivered therapy for Mental Health
  • To understand the Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity In relation with Mental Health
  • To analyze the evolving demand for mental health technologies and solutions
  • To identify the challenges for the new entrants in the mental health devices market
  • To analyze the emerging solutions, devices, and platforms for the mental health treatment

Advances in UAV Communications: Present Challenges and Future Opportunities

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Thomas Neubauer, VP of Innovations, TEOCO (LinkedIn)
  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Investor, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Strategic Advisor – BIS Research  (LinkedIn)

Webinar Date and Time: This webinar was held on Dec 17, 2020 10:30 AM PST. The recording is available at


The webinar is focused on the advancements in UAV communication for commercial applications excluding military application. The webinar explores in detail the current challenges faced by the UAV industry and the future opportunities for the stakeholders operating in the UAV commercial industry.

Why Attend the Webinar?

  • To understand the impact of communication technologies on the UAV industry
  • To identify the UAV communication challenges
  • To learn ways to mitigate UAV communication-related challenges
  • To explore market opportunities in different regions
  • To analyze the future business outlook of the UAV industry

Ventilators for COVID-19: How Companies are Breaking the Entry Barriers?

This webinar was held on April 9th, 2020. View our related report on the Global Ventilator Market.

Key Takeaways of this webinar:

  • Identify the current landscape of ventilator manufacturers
  • Analyze the evolving demand for ventilators across the world and the need for non-healthcare players to contribute
  • Determine the challenges for the new entrants
  • Learn how technological disruption is enabling non-healthcare companies to enter the market