Global Smokeless Tobacco Market Analysis & Forecast, 2016-2025

Published Year: 2016
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Table of Contents

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Research Scope and Methodology

1.1 Scope of the Report
1.2 The Global Smokeless Tobacco Research Methodology
1.2.1 Assumptions and Limitations:
1.2.2 Primary Data Sources
1.2.3 Secondary Data Sources

Market Dynamics

2.1 Market Drivers
2.1.1 Perceived as Less Harmful than Cigarettes
2.1.2 Increased Smoking Bans
2.1.3 Affordability and Easy Availability
2.1.4 Misconceived as Medicinal Products
2.2 Market Challenges
2.2.1 Negative Health Consequences
2.2.2 Restrictions on Advertising and Marketing

Competitive Insights

3.1 Market Share Analysis
3.2 Industry Attractiveness

Regulatory Bodies

4.1 Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA)
4.2 WHO (FCTC)
4.3 European Union Tobacco Products Directive (EU-TPD)

Smokeless Tobacco Market by Product Type

5.1 Chewing Tobacco
5.1.1 Loose Leaf
5.1.2 Plug
5.1.3 Twist
5.1.4 Gutka , Zarda
5.2 Dipping Tobacco
5.2.1 Moist Snuff
5.2.2 Dry Snuff
5.2.3 Snus
5.2.4 American Snus Loose Snus Portion Snus
5.2.5 Naswar
5.3 Dissolvable Tobacco

Smokeless Tobacco Market by Geography

6.1 Market Overview
6.2 North America
6.2.1 The U.S.
6.3 Market Overview
6.4 Europe
6.4.1 Sweden
6.4.2 Norway
6.4.3 Rest of Europe
6.5 Africa
6.6 Asia Pacific
6.6.1 India
6.6.2 Pakistan

Company Profiles

7.1 Altria Group, Inc.
7.1.1 Altria Group, Inc. Summary
7.1.2 U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company Brands Copenhagen Skoal Red Seal Husky
7.1.3 Overall Financials Business Segment Revenue Mix Financial Summary
7.2 British American Tobacco PLC (BAT)
7.2.1 British American Tobacco PLC. Summary
7.2.2 Fiedler and Lundgren AB
7.2.3 Overall Financials Financial Summary
7.3 Dharampal Satyapal Group
7.3.1 Dharampal Satyapal Group Summary
7.3.2 Brands BABA Tulsi Zarda
7.4 Imperial Tobacco Group
7.4.1 Imperial Tobacco Group Plc Summary
7.4.2 Skruf Snus AB
7.4.3 Financials Financial Summary
7.5 Japan Tobacco, Inc. (JT)
7.5.1 Japan Tobacco Company Summary Overall Financials Business Segments Revenue Mix Financial Summary
7.6 JMJ Group
7.6.1 JMJ Group Summary
7.7 Manikchand Group
7.7.1 Manikchand Group Summary
7.7.2 Brands:
7.8 Reynolds American Inc. (RAI)
7.8.1 Reynolds American Inc. (RAI) Summary
7.8.2 American Snuff Company, LLC Moist Snuff Brands Loose Leaf Brands: Other Chewing Tobacco:
7.8.3 Overall Financials Financial Summary
7.9 Swedish Match
7.9.1 Swedish Match Summary
7.9.2 Financials Overall Financials Business Segment Revenue Mix Financial Summary
7.10 Swisher International, Inc.
7.10.1 Swisher International, Inc. Summary

List of Tables

Table:2.1 Market Drivers Impact Analysis
Table 2.2 Market Challenges- Impact Analysis
Table 5.1 Market Size of Key Smokeless Tobacco Products
Table 5.2 Brands of Chewing Tobacco and their Prices
Table 5.3 Brands of Moist Snuff and their Prices
Table 5.4 Brands of Snus and their Prices
Table 5.5 Key Smokeless Tobacco Products, Countries of Use, Ingredients and Nicotine Strength
Table 6.1 Market Revenue of Smokeless Tobacco Industry by Geography

List of Figures

Figure 1 Market Share by Geography and CAGR of Different Regions
Figure 2 Key Smokeless Tobacco Products Market Size ($Million), 2015 and 2025
Figure: 1.1 Key Considerations for Analysis
Figure: 1.2 Market Segmentation
Figure: 2.1 Global Smokeless Tobacco Market Drivers and Challenges
Figure 3.1 Market Share U.S. Moist Snuff Market by Retail Volume
Figure 3.2 Market Share Scandinavian Snus by Retail Volume
Figure 3.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Figure 5.1 Market Segmentation of Smokeless Tobacco Industry by Product Type
Figure 5.2 Types of Chewing Tobacco
Figure 5.3 Types of Dipping Tobacco
Figure 6.1 Prevalence of Smokeless Tobacco by Geography:
Figure 6.2 Market Share of Different Smokeless Tobacco Products in the U.S., 2015 and 2025
Figure 6.3 Share of Different Tobacco Products in the European Tobacco Industry
Figure 6.4 Market Share of Different Tobacco Products in the Indian Tobacco Industry
Figure 7.1 Altria Group, Inc.: Overall Financials ($Billion); 2013-2015
Figure 7.2 Altria group, Inc: Business Segments Revenue Mix ($Million)., 2013-2015
Figure 7.3 British American Tobacco Plc (Bat): Overall Financials ($Billion); 2012-2014
Figure 7.4 British American Tobacco Plc (BAT): Geography Revenue Mix ($Billion), 2012-2014
Figure 7.5 Imperial Tobacco Group Plc: Overall Financials ($Billion), 2013-2015
Figure 7.6 Imperial Tobacco Group Plc: Geography Revenue Mix ($Billion), 2012-2015
Figure 7.7 Japan Tobacco Corporation (JT): Overall Financials ($Billion), 2013-2015
Figure 7.8 Japan Tobacco Corporation (JT): Business Segments Revenue Mix ($Billion), 2013-2015
Figure 7.9 Reynolds American Inc. (RAI): Overall Financials ($Billion), 2013- 2015
Figure 7.10 Swedish Match: Overall Financials ($ Million), 2013-2015
Figure 7.11 Swedish Match: Business Segments Revenue Mix ($Million), 2013-2015

Global Smokeless Tobacco Market Analysis & Forecast, 2016-2025