Population Genomics

National Strategy and Implementation

Published Year: 2019
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1 Population Genomics: National Strategy and Implementation

                  Figure 1.1:  Population Genomics Initiative Workflow.
         1.1    Public Health and Genomics
                  Figure 1.2:  Objectives of Public Health Genomics
                  Table 1.1:   Challenges in Public Health Genomics
         1.2    Evolution of Population Genomics
                  Figure 1.3:  Evolution of Population Genomics

2 Regional Strategy for Implementation of Population Genomics Projects

         2.1    North America
                  2.1.1    U.S.
                                    Table 2.1:  Population Genomic Initiatives in U.S.
                                    Table 2.2:  Funding Allocated to Different Agencies
                  2.1.2    Canada
                                    Table 2.3:  Population Genomic Initiatives in Canada
                                    Table 2.4:  National and International Initiatives in Canada
                                    Table 2.5:  Ongoing Population Genomics Program
                        Population Genomics Program
         2.2    Europe
                                    Table 2.6:  European Initiatives for Implementation of Population Genomics
                  2.2.1    The U.K.
                                    Table 2.7:  Population Genomic Initiatives in U.K.
                        Industrial Partnership Directing the Course of Genomic Medicine
                                    Table 2.8:  Key Investments Driving Genomic Medicine in the U.K.
                                    Table 2.9:  Genomic Medicine Centers in the U.K.
                  2.2.2    Estonia
                                    Table 2.10:  Population Genomic Initiatives in Estonia
                  2.2.3    Germany
                                    Table 2.11:  Population Genomic Initiatives in Germany
                  2.2.4    France
                                    Table 2.12:  Population Genomic Initiatives in China
                                    Table 2.13:  French Genomic Platform
                  2.2.5    Ireland
                                    Table 2.14:  Population Genomic Initiatives in Ireland
                  2.2.6    The Netherlands
                                    Table: 2.15  Population Genomic Initiatives in the Netherlands
                  2.2.7    Denmark
                                    Table 2.16:  Population Genomic Initiatives in Denmark
         2.3    Asia Pacific
                  2.3.1    Japan
                                    Table 2.17:  Population Genomic Initiatives in Japan
                  2.3.2    China
                                    Table 2.18:  Population Genomic Initiatives in China
                  2.3.3    Australia
                                    Table 2.19:   Population Genomic Initiatives in Australia
         2.4    Middle East
                  2.4.1    Saudi Arabia
                                    Table 2.20:   Population Genomic Initiatives in Saudi Arabia
                  2.4.2    Qatar
                                    Table 2.21:   Population Genomic Initiatives in Qatar
                  2.4.3    Turkey
                                    Table 2.22:   Population Genomic Initiatives in Turkey
                  2.4.4    Dubai
                                    Table 2.23:   Population Genomic Initiatives in Dubai

3 Innovative Strategies Adopted Across the World for Implementation of Population Genomics

         Figure 3.1:  Member of the GENE Consortium
         3.1    Collaborative Implementation
         3.2    Implementation of Cross-Border Genome Data Bank
         3.3    Focused Implementation Program
         3.4    Involvement of the Private Sector

4 Impact on Healthcare Industry

Figure 4.1: Impact of Population Genomics on Healthcare Industry

5 Population Genomics: Current State and Perspectives

         Figure 5.1:   Current Status of Population Genomics
         Figure 5.2:   Future Perspective of Population Genomics
         5.1    Growing Public-Partnerships
         5.2    Decrease in Sequencing Cost
                                    Figure 5.3:   Fall in Genome Sequencing Cost
         5.3    Government Initiatives for Development of Framework and Reimbursement Policy
         5.4    Involvement of the Private Sector
         5.5    Increased Population Engagement and Data Management

6 Industrial Perspective for Population Genomics

Figure 6.1: Participation of Industry in Population Genomics

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Population Genomics

National Strategy and Implementation