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Robotics & UAV

Robotics & UAV Market

BIS Research provides market intelligence for Robotics and UAV markets. Segments covered include multi-rotor drones, unmanned ground vehicles, underwater vehicles, robot hardware and more.

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Top Market Research Reports:

Global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Market Value and Volume: Focus on Class (small and large), Component, and End-User Analysis and Forecast (2017-2021)

The demand for UAVs is swiftly increasing among different end-users across the globe. The market is driven by number of factors such as rise in their demand across commercial and non-commercial end-users, various consumer-centric technological developments and declining prices, among others.The UAV market accounted for a market value of $8.02 billion in 2016 with small UAVs holding the highest share.

Global UAS Traffic Management (UTM) System Market: Focus on Regional Perspective and Stakeholder Assessment

The UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system is an upcoming phenomenon that is envisioned for managing drones (mainly small drones) traffic in the lower level of airspace. The UAS traffic management system or UTM system is envisaged to be a system of several subsystems which will work together to provide an end-to-end service.

Global Cognitive Robotic Process Automation Market, Analysis & Forecast 2017-2026 Focus on Type (Services and Platform) and Industry (Finance and banking, Telecom and IT Services, Insurance and Healthcare)

The global cognitive robotic process automation market is expected to reach $3,620.8 million by 2026. Owing to the growing demand for digital workforce in order to increase efficiency and reduce operating cost in business processes, the global cognitive robotic process automation market is expected to grow rapidly at the CAGR of 60.9% during 2017-2026.

Global Indoor Robots Market- Analysis and Forecast, 2017-2026, Focus on Robot Type (Cleaning Robot, Medical Robot, Security & Surveillance Robot, Public Relation Robot, Entertainment Robot, Personal Assistant Robot, Education and Research Robot) and End-Users (Commercial and Residential)

The demand for indoor robots is rapidly gaining traction among different end-users across the globe. The market is driven by a number of factors such as increasing need of robots for security services, unprecedented rise in demand from domestic users, rise in demand of elderly care robots, and growing demand for productivity and quality.

Global Wearable Robotic Exoskeleton Market - Analysis and Forecast (2017-2026) Focus on Type (Passive and Active/Powered), End User (Healthcare, Industrial, Defense, and Commercial), and Application (Rehabilitation, Assistive, Body Parts Support, and Sports)

The wearable robotic exoskeleton market is witnessing a high growth rate owing to machine intelligence surpassing human intelligence in defense industry, rise in demand of exoskeletons for rehabilitation application, and rapidly growing aged population.

Global UAV Propulsion System Market - Analysis and Forecast (2017-2022) (Focus on UAV Type and Engine Type)

The demand for UAV propulsion systems is rapidly gaining pace in the aerospace and defense industry owing to the flourishing level of future demand for unmanned aerial vehicles. The rising demand from defense and commercial applications are the major factors responsible for enhancing the growth of UAV propulsion system market, globally.

Global Nano Drones Market - Analysis and Forecast 2017-2023 (Focus on Payload, Price Range and End-Market)

The global nano drones market reported a revenue of $ 284.45 million in 2016. Military/law enforcement segment is expected to account for the highest revenue by forecast year of 2023. Consumer segment is likely to grow at a highest rate owing to its increasing use in the aerial photography and recreational activities.

Global Unmanned Ground Vehicle Market - Analysis and Forecast (2016-2023) (Focus on Major Locomotion Types, Mode of Operations & Applications)

In terms of growth, unmanned ground vehicle market is growing with leading players introducing latest products into the market. The major factor influencing the development is increase in operational efficiency and flexibility, reduced human intervention, among others. This will led to the growth of the global unmanned ground vehicle market which it is expected to reach $9.06 billion by 2023.

Global Multi-Rotor Drone Market - Analysis and Forecast 2016-2022 (Focus on Major Applications Payloads And, Pricing)

The global multi-rotor drone market reported a revenue of $1,254.82 million in 2016 with aerial shooting segment accommodating for the highest revenue by 2022. Survey and mapping segment is likely to grow at a highest rate owing to its increasing use in the construction, Geographic Information System (GIS) and others. 

Global Automated Guided Vehicle Market: -Analysis & Forecast, 2016-2022 (Focus on Major Vehicle Types, Guidance Technologies, Applications & Industries)

Automated guided vehicles are increasingly used across new industries like electrical and electronics, aerospace and defense manufacturing, with their adoption being an evolving phenomenon. Therefore,  the global automated guided vehicle market is estimated to reach $3,320.41 million in the forecast period.

Global Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Market - Analysis and Forecast (2016-2021) (Focus on Major Vehicle Types, Payloads and Application)

The UUV market reported a revenue of $2,652.62 million in 2016 with the remotely operated vehicles segment accommodating for the highest revenue by 2021.

Global Collaborative Robot Hardware Market, Analysis & Forecast, 2016-2021 (Focus on Major Industries and Applications)

The demand for collaborative industrial robots are gradually increasing across both the developed and developing economies. Based on its demand across different geographies, the global collaborative industrial robot market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Rest Of the World (ROW) i.e., Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Global Unmanned Composite Materials Market - Analysis & Forecast (2016-2021)

The composite material market for unmanned systems reported a revenue of $1.24 billion in 2015 with carbon fiber segment accommodating for the highest revenue by 2021.

Global UAV Sense and Avoid Systems Market - Analysis & Forecast: 2016-2022

In terms of revenue generation, the UAV sense and avoid systems market is dominated by North America, with a CAGR of 10.48% in the forecast period and with Europe being the second most revenue generating region.

Global Anti-Drone Market: Analysis And Forecast, 2016-2021

According to BIS Research Analysis, the anti-drone market is estimated to be at $209.77 million in 2016. The high growth of anti-drone market in aerospace and defense industry is majorly attributed to increasing security breach by unidentified drones.


An increase in the demand for unmanned aerial vehicles is a major factor attributing to the overall growth of UAV propulsion market since over a decade. It is estimated that the propulsion systems market was $2702.25 million in 2015.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Payload & Avionics Market – Analysis & Forecast, 2016 – 2022.

UAVs are an important part of a country’s military nowadays, owing to their proliferated usage in combat and surveillance applications. Governments across the globe are procuring this technology in order to further strengthen their military powers.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV ) Market, By Value and Volume: Analysis and forecast, 2015 – 2020

The global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market has witnessed a meteoric growth over the past decade. Military UAVs are considered a key component and an integral part of a country’s defense system. The commercial UAVs have witnessed a huge transformation after the exemptions from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. Major companies in the UAV market are targeting customers by introducing new and improved applications.

Global Telepresence Robot Market - Forecast & Analysis, 2016 -2022

Telepresence robotics is an emerging technology which is expected to become a multi-million dollar industry over the forecasted period (2016-2022). The global demand for telepresence robots is expected to reach $136.90 Million by 2022. The key drivers for this market include high demand from enterprises, healthcare, education, hospitality, and consumer and personal use applications.

Global Automotive Robotics Market, By System (Hardware/Product: SCARA, Articulated, Cartesian, Software & Services), By Function (Welding, Painting, Assembling & Disassembling, Material Handling & Others), By Geography

The major growth of automotive robotics market is primarily due to the widespread advancement of the automotive industry (including both vehicle and automotive component manufacturers). Automotive robots are primarily designed for assisting in the manufacturing of automobiles in the automotive industry. The major applications of the robots in automotive industry include painting, welding, assembling, cutting, and dispensing, among others.

Global UAV Sense & Avoid Systems Market (2016-2021)

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