R&D Activities to Strengthen the NGS in Agrigenomics Market Globally

23 May 2018

The global market for NGS in agrigenomics is flooded with the extensive launch of new product and development of existing products, along with numerous partnerships and collaborations. According to the latest market intelligence report by BIS Research titled, ‘Global NGS in Agrigenomics -Analysis, and Forecast (2017-2021)’, the market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 12.5% during the forecast period. Crops and livestock are two major applications of NGS in agrigenomics. Advanced research and development activities in the livestock applications have increased the importance of genome sequencing in the developed market. Agilent Technologies Inc, Ontario Genomics, Genome Atlantic, LGC Limited, BGI, NuGen Technologies Inc., and Illumina Inc. are some of the prominent market players of the NGS in agrigenomics market on a global scale.

In April 2018, Swift Biosciences, launched ‘Accel-Amplicon Plus Cancer NGS Panels for Precision Medicine’. The cancer NGS panels are a suite of nine tumour-specific and focussed gene panels on facilitating targeted cancer sequencing. The Accel-Amplicon technology enables simultaneous detection of single nucleotide variants, copy number variants, and simple insertion to achieve comprehensive and exon level hotspot coverage of clinically relevant genes.

In January 2018, in a press release, 10x Genomics, Inc., a company focussed on accelerating genomic discovery, launched a new version of their ‘de novo assembly solution’. The de novo solution’s objective is to provide the fastest and most cost-effective solution for creating high quality de novo assemblies on a large scale for plants and animals. The de novo assembly solution supports high- throughput crop health, breeding, and other agrigenomics studies. 

Last year, in November, Life Science company, LGC, signed an agreement to offer NuGen’s single -primer enrichment technology (SPET) for next-generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment. SPET is designed for the targeted sequencing of both DNA and RNA. The technology serves to various applications such as the detection of germline and somatic aberrations for molecular diagnostics and targeted genotyping for animal and plant breeding.

Despite the tremendous growth of the NGS in agrigenomics market, extensive R&D activities and appropriate regulatory environments are a prerequisite for the sustained growth of the market. Factors inhibiting the growth of the NGS in agrigenomics market are huge investments required for the advancement in NGS technology and uncertain regulatory policies. Various countries’ government and private research institutes are putting in substantial efforts to bring the benefits of NGS technology in the agriculture industry. 


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