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19 Jun 2017

Fixed-Wing VTOL Aircraft to Change the Way We Travel

The global fixed-wing VTOL aircraft market reporte..

17 Jun 2017

Innovative Lighting Technologies Driving the Growth in the Global Adaptive Lighting Market

According to the analyst at BIS Research, “The g..



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As an Owl on top of the Globe (our logo), BIS Research is continuously scanning, analysing and predicting emerging technology themes and building knowledge-centric research products, to aid your growth trajectory.

BIS Research publishes emerging technology whitepaper to help our clients and partner keep abreast of the up and coming opportunities in the market.

Space Exploration Technology

This brief paper on the vast space exploration sector provides a clear and comprehensive understanding of the increasing dominance of privatization and advancements in technologies due to which the space exploration domain will become one of the biggest emerging markets and a growing industry in the forthcoming years. This white-paper offers a detailed analysis of current and future trends in the space explorations, the entry of private players in this market, strategy of prominent government bodies investing huge amounts in space research and development, analysis of investments in start-ups and ventures, space exploration market as whole along with the geographical distribution, annual space budgets of major countries, and future prospects of the market.