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Climate Smart Agriculture Market - Focus on Technologies Mitigating GHG Emissions

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Climate smart agriculture (CSA) is a holistic and integrated approach to landscape management that seeks to address the interdependencies between food security and climate change. It involves the strategic amalgamation of diverse and sustainable practices tailored to the specific climate challenges faced by a particular farming community.

The key challenges in climate smart agriculture include limited awareness and understanding, lack of access to financing and resources, variability of climate change, inadequate supportive policies, socio-economic constraints, and high upfront costs.

The company should focus on technology integration, sustainable inputs/practices, climate resilient crop varieties, precision farming solutions, and offering comprehensive services that support farmers in adopting climate smart agriculture practices.

This report presents projected emission reductions following the implementation of climate smart agriculture (CSA) technologies, along with recommendations for policymakers and technology providers.

Agribusiness, government agencies, research institutes, non-government agencies, and other stakeholders can buy this report.