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The Future Of Healthcare With Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine has enabled the study of cellular, molecular and genetic data at an individual level to promote faster diagnosis. It is the future of #healthcare.

3 Ways Drone Delivery Will Make Our Lives Better

Drone Delivery Will Make Our Lives Better Companies such as Google, Amazon, and UPS are experimenting with delivery drones that is expected to reduce the package delivery cost/mile by more than 90%

How Can Commercial Drones Become A Reality?

Drones are delivering blood In Malawi, countering rhino poachers in Rwanda, mapping archaeological sites in Turkey, and giving orchestrated performances in the U.S. From data creation to aggregatio

Faisal Ahmad, Founder And CEO, BIS Research- Connected Vehicles 2018, Bengaluru

Faisal Ahmad, Founder and CEO, BIS Research- Connected Vehicles 2018, Bengaluru    



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Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (CASE) - The Future of Mobility When: 06 Mar - 06 Mar, 2019
  Where: Sola City Conference Center, 4-6 Kandasurugad
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Type of Engagement- Speaker

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