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Future-proofing population health: Embrace predictive analytics, social determinants and patient-generated data now

The need to simultaneously reduce healthcare costs and deliver optimal care are driving the expansion of population health management initiatives among hospitals today. What can hospitals do now to prepare for the future of population health management?

Healthcare IT News - December 01, 2017


China suffers ageing population nearly 40 years after introduction of one-child policy

Pollution has also had a role to play in Chinese men’s plunging sperm counts, which have fallen continuously since the 1970s. According to the report The Effect of Urbanisation on China’s Fertility, published by the Population Research and Policy Review in 2012, urbanisation was responsible for around 22 percent of the decrease in China’s total fertility between 1982 and 2008, and was especially instrumental from 2001 onwards.

Word Finance - November 20, 2017


A Power Shift In Big Tobacco

Philip Morris International, Altria Group, and British American Tobacco face an increasing threat from e-cigarettes and vaporizer brands. These devices and e-liquid makers are escalating in popularity at a far greater rate than conventional tobacco products in youth markets. As popularity spreads and education about smokeless tobacco products continues, these products will increasingly eat into big tobacco’s smokeables market share.

Seeking Alpha - November 17, 2017


La cobotique, l'avenir de la collaboration Hommes-robots ?

The cobotic vision, a contraction of the words "robot" and "collaborative", seeks to reintegrate human intervention into a production process, a guarantee of quality for the consumer. Cumbersome, easy to program, versatile and economical, cobots are becoming more and more popular with companies.

JDN - November 14, 2017


Micro C Imaging Takes its Handheld X-ray Solution Global with Appointment of Dr. Youssra Marjoua

Of special interest to Micro C are the opportunities to bring X-ray capabilities, for the first time, to developing countries and rural locations served by medical professionals who are expanding national public health programs and increasing international medical mission work.

Daily Telescope - November 13, 2017


Remind Me Again – Is Tin Recyclable

Dem-Con’s carton-sorting robot is the second installation of the AMP Cortex. The first, at Alpine Waste & Recycling in Denver, was launched earlier this year. Through AI, the robots learn as they go and become better over time at identifying and sorting cartons. Everything the robots learn can then be shared with future systems.

Minnesota Business - November 11, 2017


Robo-Vision! Turning Robots into Cobots

Industrial robots have been the dominant technology for decades, and companies may choose to maintain their legacy equipment rather than upgrading to a cobot. Veo Robotics looks to help ease the decision-making struggle by working on machine-vision technology that will turn any robot into a cobot.

MachineDesign - November 08, 2017


Global AI health care market to hit $28 billion by 2025: BIS research

The artificial intelligence market in the space will grow at a CAGR of 45.1 percent, driven not only by assistant-level applications, but also by the insatiable thirst for data from the trend to evidence-based medicine, and the need to keep costs down by applying best practices derived from information analysis.

DotMed - October 20, 2017


Global sustainable construction market to top $523 billion by 2026

The demand for sustainable materials is on a continuous rise and is expected to grow in the next 10 years as the sustainable materials are successfully replacing the conventional materials and are being preferred in today's construction industry.

Proud GreenBuilding - October 20, 2017


Is Artificial Intelligence Ready To Overhaul Healthcare Sector

Numerous companies have invested in the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. IBM’s Watson is being used for oncology and cancer treatment in the hospitals. IBM is also working with CVS Health for chronic disease treatment using the artificial intelligence.

CXO Today - October 19, 2017


Cobots Are Now Reaching for Welding Tools

The next logical step for cobots is to start tackling the tasks handled by industrial robots. This involves heavy assembly and more delicate tasks like welding. Welding is especially in demand at the moment, as many skilled workers are retiring and not being replaced.

MachineDesign - October 19, 2017


Commercial use of small satellites is the new space race

The number of small satellite launches has culminated in a peak in 2017. These increases have put additional pressure on the production capacity of the component manufacturers, which are already seeing a marked increase in demand from the automotive and defence sectors.

Electronics Weekly - October 18, 2017


Meskwaki Inc. hopes to hit jackpot with vape liquid, distribution business

E-cigarettes that use e-juice have become more common in recent years as consumers view the electronic devices as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking, despite warnings from the U.S. surgeon general that e-cigarettes pose health risks, especially for young people.

The Gazette - October 13, 2017


The Coming of Age of Smallsats

Imagine flocks of small satellites (smallsats), hundreds in number, orbiting around Earth right now… satellites that are the size of a youngster’s play action figures.

Satnews - October 03, 2017


Zimmer Biomet: A Leading Medtech Player Facing Short-Term Issues

Zimmer Biomet, an orthopedic company which designs, manufactures, and markets implants is considered a cheap stock facing supply and manufacturing issues. The orthopedic industry is doing relatively well, thus Zimmer's issues are company-specific.

Seeking Alpha - September 29, 2017


Parsing Zynga’s Mobile Metrics

The mobile gaming market presents a massive revenue opportunity for video game developers such as Zynga, Electronic Arts (EA), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), Activision Blizzard (ATVI), and Glu Mobile (GLUU).

Market Realist - September 27, 2017


Rise of the Exoskeleton: The Future May See Wearable Technology for the Masses

Most notable are the achievements of exoskeleton technology in the medical field. As reported by Robotics Trends, Ekso Bionics’ GT exoskeleton is the first exoskeleton to be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for clinical trials.

Bawd Rate - September 27, 2017


The finance revolution passes from the blockchain

Blockchain technology will reduce transaction costs and infrastructure by at least 50% for financial companies. This could mean over 40 billion a year less in infrastructure, IT , operations, and staff costs.

Metalli Rari - September 25, 2017


LiDAR Market Continues To Percolate

BIS Research estimates the automotive LiDAR market was worth $65 million last year. It will show double-digit compound annual growth over the next decade, according to the firm.



Regional LED Emergency Lighting 2022- Research Report

The global LED emergency lighting market is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period. The constant changes in the industry has led  to the analysts at BIS Research to add a detailed chapter on the market dynamics.

SATPRNEWS - September 11, 2017


From Safety to Savings, Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt the Food Scene

According to a new market intelligence report by BIS Research, titled ‘Blockchain Technology in Financial Services Market – Analysis and Forecast: 2017 to 2026?, cost savings of $30 to $40 billion per year will be achieved in trade finance.

The Spoon - September 05, 2017


Rethink IoT News ATW 175: Around The Web Roundup

The global IoT in Oil and Gas market is expected to hit $30.57bn in 2026, growing at a CAGR of 24.65%, according to BIS Research

ReTHINK Research - September 04, 2017


Global IoT in oil and gas forecast to grow rapidly, reach US$30.57 billion by 2026

The global market for the Internet of Things (IoT) in oil and gas is expected to reach to US$30.57 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.65 per cent during the forecast period from 2017 to 2026, according to a new market intelligence report by BIS Research.

JWN Energy - August 31, 2017


Blockchain: A Game Changer for Fintech Services

Recently, BIS research came up with a study which outlines the immense cost savings that blockchain could bring to financial services businesses. Per year costs savings are estimated to be around $6-8 billion in KYC/AML, $30-40 billion in trade finance, and $50-60 billion in capital markets.

Read IT Quick - August 16, 2017


Bitcoin Nears $4,500, is $5,000 Next?

“The sudden price surge in Bitcoin coincided with the confirmation of BIP 91’ adoption, as the currency rose to new highs above the $3000 mark within days, surpassing previous levels of resistance,” says Shazlie Khan, research analyst at BIS Research.

Investing News - August 16, 2017


Global next generation implants market to hit $3.9B in 2023

According to a market research report by BIS Research, in 2016, the orthopedic segment dominated the conventional implant market, accounting for $34.74 billion. The global conventional medical implants market will likely reach $106.9 billion by 2023.

Becker’s Spine Review - August 16, 2017



A significant drop in sperm count is noted from 100 million in the early 1970’s to 20 million in 2012 as per a senior fellow Global Health at the Council on foreign relations. So the only viable option is to go for assisted reproductive techniques. As per BIS research, China’s IVF market alone is expected to reach $1.5 billion in 2022 from $670 million in 2016.

Dr Prem - July 26, 2017


Chinese couples seeking help to have babies

China's market for IVF alone was worth US$670 million last year and is expected to surge to US$1.5 billion in 2022, said BIS Research. Average sperm count (number of sperm per millilitre) dropped from 100 million in the early 1970s to as low as 20 million in 2012 in China, said Mr Huang Yanzhong, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations.

STRAITSTIMES - July 23, 2017


BIS Research - The Small Launch Vehicle Market Analysis Published

BIS Research has analyzed the global small launch vehicle market and is reporting this market segment generated $166.3 million during 2016 in terms of revenue, which is anticipated to reach $11.37 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 52.57 percent, in their new Global Small Launch Vehicle Market - Analysis and Forecast (2017-2026).

Satnews - July 20, 2017


How Blockchain is Changing the Financial Technology Industry

A recent market intelligence report done by BIS Research, called “Blockchain Technology in Financial Services Market: Analysis and Forecast: 2017 to 2026” released in July 2017 showcases just how far blockchain technology has come–but more specifically where it’s heading–namely in the financial services industry.

Investing News - July 19, 2017


Applying blockchain technology could slash US$40 billion in costs for financial services: BIS Research

Blockchain technology entered into mainstream financial services in June, with IBM building blockchain for seven of Europe’s biggest banks in the area of trade finance, notes the BIS Research statement.

Canadian Underwriter - July 18, 2017


Research Report Details Blockchain Revolution for Financial Services

A new market intelligence report by BIS Research, titled ‘Blockchain Technology in Financial Services Market – Analysis and Forecast: 2017 to 2026’, has reached the conclusion that the application of blockchain could lead to a per-year cost savings of $6-8 billion in KYC/AML, $30-40 billion in trade finance, and $50-60 billion in capital markets.

Allcoinsnews - July 18, 2017


Blockchain application could lead to per-year cost savings $50-60 Bln in capital markets: BIS Research

The blockchain technology could save the financial institutions over $40 billion per year in infrastructure, IT, operational, third party fee, and administrative personnel costs”, Shazlie Khan, an Analyst at BIS Research, said.

Econotimes - July 17, 2017


Blockchain Poised to Deliver Big Savings to Financial Services Firms

Blockchain, the distributed database technology that help make digital currencies like Bitcoin possible, is more than an enabler of futuristic payment options. Over the next several years, it will help financial services firms slash costs by billions of dollars, according to a new report from BIS Research.

Datamation - July 17, 2017


China's Sperm Count Problem Has Created a Billion-Dollar Market

A paradox has emerged in China: As the country finally relaxes its one-child policy, factors like lower sperm counts, later pregnancies and other health barriers are making it harder for many to get pregnant. As a result, businesses from China to Australia, and even California are lining up to help -- and profit from -- the growing market of hopeful prospective parents.

Bloomberg - July 13, 2017


Global 3D printing plastic and photopolymer market to reach A$2.37 billion by 2023

A BIS Research report forecasts the global 3D printing plastic and photopolymer material market is estimated to reach $1.86 billion (A$2.37 billion) by 2023 at a CAGR of 21.5 per cent from 2017 to 2023.

Manufacturers' Monthly - June 30, 2017


App economy will be worth $6.3T by 2021

Earlier this month, BIS Research predicted the global mobile gaming market will generate $58.71 billion in revenue by 2023, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4 per cent.

Mobile World Live - June 29, 2017


Smart, Interactive Surveillance To Become Necessity Than Luxury

In a candid interaction with CXO Today, Kiran Nayak, Co-founder, PiOctave Solutions, talks about the potentials in the smart and interactive surveillance space and how the market is evolving in India.

CXO Today - June 12, 2017


Mobile gaming market to be worth $59B by 2023

BIS Research predicted the global mobile gaming market will generate $58.71 billion in revenue by 2023, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4 per cent from 2017 to 2023.

Mobile World Live - June 08, 2017


Global vaping market to reach $47 Billion by 2025

The latest vape market report illustrates that while the e-cigarette market was predicted to be worth $8 billion by 2015, it is expected to continue expanding at an annual growth rate of 19.34% for the forecast period.

Vaping post - April 25, 2017


Startups downplay tobacco as they talk up cannabis

Shops patronized by pot smokers have a long tradition of labeling their pipes and vaporizers “for tobacco use only.” But startups developing smoking and vaping gear are basically asking customers to put their weed in it.

Tech Crunch - March 23, 2017


E-Cig Retailers Watching RRPs

There is a buzz growing around the potential market response to reduced-risk products (RRPs).

Convenience Store Decisions - March 21, 2017


Apple Getting Into The Vaporizer Business?

A patent filed by Apple was recently made public, but it's not what you'd expect. The patent is for a complex vaporizer device, although they don't specify the substances meant to be vaporized.

Seeking Alpha - January 30, 2017


Investors are lining up to join the vapour products market

With e-cigarettes having gained much traction in South Africa and across the globe, entrepreneurs have also begun to invest in a market expected to grow exponentially in the next decade.

IOL - January 30, 2017



For manufacturers that have yet to bring a robot into their production areas, the prospect of doing so can be daunting. To make it less intimidating, robot manufacturers are taking a step back from their large, industrial robot focus and catering to a need for smaller, self-contained robots that can work side-by-side with people. They’re called collaborative robots, or cobots, and manufacturers are likely to see an influx of them from robot manufacturers in the coming years.

Welding Productivity - January 11, 2017


European, Asian Robotics Expect Safer Cobots to Lift Industry

As collaborative robots get more and more attention, various governments have started defining long-term strategies. For example, Germany introduced its “High-Tech Strategy 2020” for Industry 4.0 back in 2006, but some Mediterranean countries haven’t even started planning.

Robotiq - December 09, 2016


Entrepreneurs to share success stories at IdeaKon ’16

IdeaKon is a speaker series cum networking event aimed at promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth and motivating them to take the road less travelled.

The Pioneer - November 03, 2016


Is This Phillip Morris International's New $1 Billion Opportunity?

The global tobacco giant is betting that products like its new iQOS electronic cigarette will be what fuel the next phase of expansion.

The Motely Fool - October 06, 2016


Boom in the Augmented and Virtual Reality Markets Anticipated

The Augmented and Virtual Reality markets have long been specialized industries, but that is expected to change by 2022.

Product Design & Development - September 29, 2016


IIM Shillong organises EmergE 2016 to promote entrepreneurial spirit

EmergE, the flagship entrepreneurship summit of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Shillong, is one of the most premier annual events in the northeast.

Financial Express - September 23, 2016


Como Audio crowdfunds its way to success with new hi-fi speakers

The estimated $10 billion global market for wireless audio devices is as popular as it's ever been — a fact an upstart audio company discovered after it set out to raise $50,000 for two new products but got more than five times the amount.

CNBC - July 30, 2016


E-cig packaging: Where there’s (no) smoke, there’s fire

E-cigarettes, like the tobacco products that preceded them, have their share of critics. But no one can deny the packaging opportunity currently bubbling up in the e-cig market.

Packaging Digest - May 02, 2016


North American video surveillance market poised for rapid expansion

With the technology becoming ever more sophisticated, video surveillance systems are on the verge of becoming an indispensible component of security systems worldwide. In the coming years, the growth of the North American market is expected to reflect that reality.

Security Systems News - July 15, 2014

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