High-Performance Plastics

BIS Research maps the trajectory of high performance plastic materials & chemicals and analyzes the complete value chain.

High-Performance Plastics

High-performance plastics are those that surpass the standards set by engineering or standard plastics. They are typically utilized in lesser quantities for important applications like aerospace, defense, medical, or industrial ones. They make up around 1% of the polymers produced globally. The greatest differences between high-performance plastics and regular plastics are their increased heat stability, exceptional chemical resistance, and greater product quality.

Some of the applications of high-performance plastics are mentioned as follows:

  • Extreme temperature and shock resistance applications in the aerospace and glass industries
  • Hydrolysis resistant and sterilization devices in the medical industry
  • High-end drilling equipment in the oil and gas industries
  • Devices for X-Ray technology and nuclear industries

The industry has led not only the development of high-performance plastic but has also made these plastics more sustainable for the future. For instance, in 2021, LANXESS developed a polyamide 6 compound using 92% sustainable raw materials. The company considers this a major step toward the circular economy.

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