High-Performance Plastics

BIS Research maps the trajectory of high performance plastic materials & chemicals and analyzes the complete value chain.

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High-Performance Plastics

High performance plastics are specially designed polymers with high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and, all-importantly, temperature resistance.  Typically defined as being plastics that not only withstand but perform in extreme environments including, extremely high to low temperatures, high pressure or high velocity and more. This is primarily how they differ from standard plastics and engineering plastics as well. BIS Research helps provide detailed insights into the temperature stability, chemical resistance, mechanical properties, production quantity, and price of the high performance plastics market.

The global high performance plastics industry has a large number of end-use segments, as the need for strong manufacturing materials is being felt in several sectors. The high performance plastics market analysis by BIS Research, looks into the leading application segments for the market like the automotive industry and the consumer goods industry. Other key applications of high performance plastics lie in construction, medical devices, and electronics and electrical materials. Fluoropolymers are the dominant plastic in the global high performance plastics market and are likely to retain a dominant share in the coming years.

Over the years, BIS Research has mapped the advancement, adoption and growth trajectory of the high performance plastics market. Some of the technologies that are studied include organosheet and semi-finished thermoplastics, UD, sustainable masterbatch, and TPO and TPV PP compound market with a detailed look into the industry size as well. The study not only offers estimations and projections, but also an uncluttered evaluation of these figures through detailed high performance plastics market research.

The current growth in the high performance plastics market is the result of the constant effort in the plastics industry. Rise in initiatives and supportive government policies and regulation is the root cause fueling up the high performance plastics market growth rate. The global high performance plastics market size is projected to reach $35.27 Billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 9.3% from 2016 to 2026, in terms of value, as per the BIS Research report.

The report further includes insights into the technological and economic trends that are affecting the high performance plastics market. Analysts at BIS Research review the historical background of the industry along with its properties, and identify its emerging applications. The report also helps to explain the major drivers, restraints and regional dynamics of the global high-performance plastics market and trends within the industry and presents the growth forecasts for coming years as well.

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