Other Research Offerings

Our other research offerings include:

Quick Turnaround Research: for a pressing need for market intelligence on a short notice. Our research team will provide you with key insights by the time you have a meet with the client or have an important board room discussion.  The research offering includes, but are not limited to industry snapshot, technology snapshot and competitive intelligence. The idea behind the offering is that at times, our client just need specific information for which an off the shelf report might not be available. 

Competitive Intelligence: focuses and coordinated monitoring of your competitors. This enables you to develop counter competitive strategies such as launching of new products or entering into a new market, apart from planning for new opportunities and market disruption. The intelligence is sourced through multi fold channels, including primary as well as secondary research through paid and unpaid databases. The deliverable usually includes a detailed company profile, market share analysis, product bench marking and market entry strategy among others.

New Venture Growth Partnerships:  The need for market intelligence for start-ups and/or new ventures is imperative to grow in its selected niche or segment. But, most of the traditional offerings come with a huge price tag and may not be affordable and enough to a small company. We understand your limited bandwidth and intend to become your partner in growth. We partner with small companies to cater to their market intelligence need in a cost effective manner.