Connected Vehicle

The increasing need for vehicle and passenger safety and the telecommunications and informatics involved in it is vigilantly tracked by BIS Research.

Connected Vehicle

With the increasing use of Internet of Things (IoT) and the need for improved safety features and excellent driving experience is causing a surge in the number of connected vehicles. These connected vehicles remain connected and operational using a large variety of technologies.

For instance, the telematics insurance field is going to experience tremendous growth in the coming years. However, the industry will have to come up with new innovations and parameters in order to effectively reduce their risk while developing products suited for the connected car market.

Thankfully, since connected vehicles utilize a lot of cloud-based technologies, they are generating the data that businesses require to make informed decisions involving them.

In fact, connected vehicles are generating such an enormous amount of data that it can and is being used to devise brand new technologies and sensors that enhance the capabilities of these vehicles and the scope of possibilities of their applications.

At the same time, this round the clock connectivity also gives rise to certain concerns such as cybersecurity. However, the same can be seen as a lucrative opportunity by smart business leaders sitting at the helm of the leading cybersecurity companies.

BIS Research has conducted extensive study in different segments of connected vehicles along with the study of each attribute of the vehicles that generate data, which helps in improving the performance and experience of these vehicles.

Our research is aimed at helping today’s business leaders make decisions that make their companies the leaders in their industry in the future. To enable this, we provide our clients with deep and actionable insights about the connected vehicles industry and the different segments it has or influences.

One look at our syndicated reports will tell you that the connected car market is currently showing promising signs of exponential growth. BIS research provides you with a dependable stream of accurate and important information with our annual membership plans for our syndicated reports.