Webinars/Events from BIS Research

Each month, BIS Research collaborates with well-known experts across industries and creates a series of webinars with participants from across the world. Our webinars cover emerging technologies or hot topics that are currently trending across various industries.

Do let us know if you are keen on receiving invites for upcoming webinars along with your area of interest. By attending our webinars live, you get a chance to interact directly with known experts from the industry. Details (including recordings) of past webinars are also mentioned below.


Building a Sustainable Space Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

Date: 12-10-2023

Time: 05:30:00 pm ( IST )

Seminar | Next Generation Battery Technology and Chemicals for Electric Vehicles

Date: 18-10-2023

Time: 12:55:00 pm ( 7:30 IST )

Webinar on Cybersecurity in Automotive

Date: 27-07-2023

Time: 07:27:46 am ( GMT +5.30 )

Commercial UAV Expo

Date: 05-09-2023

Time: 07:27:49 am ( UTC )

Carbon Neutral Data Center Practices

Date: 27-07-2023

Time: 07:27:52 am ( CDT )

Webinar on Precision Oncology Biomarkers

Date: 26-07-2023

Time: 08:12:48 am ( EST )

A Webinar on DTC Wellness: A Stepping Stone Towards Healthcare

Date: 26-04-2023

Time: 05:03:00 am ( +GMT )

Precision Med Exhibition Summit

Date: 23-05-2023

Time: 06:00:00 pm ( GMT+4 )

Webinar on the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis with Emerging Technologies

Date: 04-04-2023

Time: 10:00:00 am ( EST )

Webinar on Going Carbon Negative

Date: 26-07-2023

Time: 10:17:21 am ( GMT+5:30 )

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