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Drones : The Next Frontier in Commercial Applications

Advancements in drone technology, particularly in the domains of autonomous navigation, integration of artificial intelligence, and enhanced agility, have opened up new avenues for application-specific solutions. Beyond traditional use cases, drone applications have now diversified to encompass a plethora of roles, from last-mile deliveries and aerial inspections to environmental monitoring and disaster response.

Agrivoltaics: Emerging Sustainable Solution

Agrivoltaics, also known as agrovoltaics or solar farming, refers to combining agricultural activities with installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on the same land.

Next-Generation Cargo & Passenger Transportation Services: Focus on Drones, eVTOLs and Airships

With the aviation industry witnessing a paradigm shift, the UAM/AAM industry is opened to new opportunities, with several industry participants demonstrating their sustainable solutions.

Sustainability and Security in Space Operations - Enabling the Future of Space

Multiple private satellite operators are installing their satellite constellations, and these satellites are adding to the growing congestion in orbital space. With thousands of satellites (transmitting data to their users) operating across orbits, there is a growing concern over potential collisions and signal interference.

SILICONE 3D PRINTING An Emerging Technology To Look Out For

The 3D printing market has been growing immensely in the recent years. This additive manufacturing technology has shown its potential in several industries.

Emerging Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Biomarkers differentiating between diseases-affected and healthy individuals are relatively inadequate for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases


Precision cardiology, at the outset, refers to the identification, diagnosis, and utilization of genetic biomarkers for the management of cardiac patients.


Autonomous modes of delivery ensure that people can receive their orders even during the ongoing pandemic without risking the lives of the delivery personnel. These vehicles also ensure that high-priority deliveries at hospitals are done instantly, without the delays caused due to the limited availability of delivery personnel.


3D printing technology holds the potential to bring about a paradigm shift in the manufacturing industry.


An Elite Compendium of Thought Leaders in Precision Medicine

The Top 25 Voices in Healthcare Robotics

An Elite Compendium of Thought Leaders in Healthcare Robotics

THE N.E.E.D. CONCEPT - Bringing E-Mobility at par With ICE Vehicles

BIS Research identifies the N.E.E.D. concept that helps stakeholders make focused efforts on their areas of specialization to ensure the collective growth of electric vehicles.

An Evolving Intelligent and Digital Surgical Environment

Surgical procedures are one of the key practices of the healthcare industry. In the year 2018, the healthcare industry was said to record 354.3 million surgical procedures. Despite being such an essential component of healthcare framework, surgical environments persist to work in silos and lack effective integration between the preliminary components. According to a study conducted by the National Health Service (NHS) in the U.K., the inefficiency of operating environments resulted in a deficit of 291,327 operations in 2019.

Global AI-Enabled Medical Imaging Solutions Market- Real World Evidence

Acknowledging this massive potential of AI in addressing the incidence of enormous diagnostic errors, and in enhancing the productivity specific to clinical workflows, 39% of healthcare providers in the U.S., plan to make substantial investments in AI. The global market for AI-based medical imaging is expected to surpass $9 billion mark by 2029.

The Five Forces of Genomic Medicine

With an enormous treasure trove of data about human genome produced by genomic research spawning a whole new era of digital technologies and sequencing platforms, researchers and clinicians now have more robust tools to study the role that genetic factors play in complex diseases. Today, in medicine, genomics application is actively making efforts in saving lives and driving billions of dollars of economic activity globally.

What Next in Genomic Medicine?

Genomics is already empowering healthcare industry to develop precise diagnostics, more effective treatment algorithms, and targeted therapeutics for some of the most complex diseases such as cancer, immunological disorders, and infectious diseases. Risk assessments, prenatal testing, screening, and diagnostic tests, and predictive testing are already being implemented and swift progress is being made in the emerging field of microbiome sequencing, pharmacogenomics, and drug development. With the rise of precision medicine, future healthcare treatments will be more tailored to a patient’s particular genetic makeup.

Precision Agriculture - A Revolution in Enhancing Farm Efficiency

This whitepaper is a result of information collected from numerous interviews with global thought leaders across the agriculture supply chain, market analyses, and literature reviews. It intends to highlight the key concerns pertaining to the agriculture industry and how advanced farming practices hold potential for benefitting the sector. The report examines farmer perceptions regarding investing in innovative technologies. Further, the paper presents the solutions offered by the companies to encourage widespread adoption of precision agriculture technologies.

The Electric Vehicle Era - Game Plan for Stakeholders At-Risk

The onset of electric vehicle era is expected to have a notable impact on suppliers to the automotive industry. While electric vehicles provides a wide range of opportunities to the stakeholders in the automotive industry, The impending need to sustain the electric vehicle revolution urgently requires the adoption of certain modifications.

Virtual Reality Surgical Simulation Systems - A Solution to Growing Surgical Malpractices

A potential solution to address the predominant causes of surgical errors is the incorporation of Virtual Reality (VR) Surgical Simulation systems.

Autonomous BVLOS Flights - Will it Unlock the Next-Generation Drone Applications?

Autonomous BVLOS flights are the next game changers in the commercial drone industry and present a multibillion-dollar business opportunity.

Rethinking Plastic Waste Management What the Rest of the World can Learn From Sweden

As per the World Bank Group, more than 90% of the world’s plastic waste does not get recycled and ends up as trash and litter. This results in most of the world’s plastic trash releasing toxins that contaminate the soil and groundwater and emitting dangerous greenhouse gases.

The Top 25 Voices In Precision Medicine - An Elite Compendium of Thought Leaders in Precision Medicine

BIS Research and InsightMonk are excited to present the first edition of ‘The Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine’, an elite compendium of thought leaders in precision medicine from across the globe.

Securing the Future of Mobility - Cybersecurity in the Age of Connected Vehicles

In this report, BIS Research analyses every aspect of automotive cybersecurity to secure the future of mobility.

Are EVs equipped enough to overthrow the dominance of vehicles based on ICE?

The automotive industry is undergoing an essential transformation, a kind that builds upon a concept once experimented a century ago, but remained an underdog owing to various performance gaps.

The Emerging Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem: Who will be the new players and how can they win?

The advent of autonomous vehicles will bring a change in how the automotive marketplace works. It will not only be the playing field of major OEMs and distributor partners who will have a stake in the market but new and emerging players of different sectors will too form a role into shape the new autonomous vehicle market.

Will Self-Driving Vehicles be a Reality By 2025?

A wave of evolution is currently happening in the automotive, mobility and transportation, industries. This evolution, perhaps the most crucial for the 21st century, will change the way people travel and transform the way they live. However, the question is, when and how will this change happen?

PHARMACOGENOMICS : Emerging Trends, Technologies and Clinical Implementation

BIS Research presents a white paper on Pharmacogenomics. The white paper highlights the emerging trends, technologies and clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics.