Energy & Power

The energy and power market research report provides insights into the evolving energy landscape, including renewable energy sources, grid infrastructure, and energy efficiency. Custom Research is available!

Energy & Power

Energy and Power Market & Industry Overview

The energy and power industry encompasses the production, distribution, and utilization of various energy sources to meet global energy demand. This includes fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas, as well as renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and biomass. Industry plays a crucial role in powering economies, supporting infrastructure, and enabling technological advancements. Key trends in the industry include the shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, increased focus on energy efficiency, and the integration of smart grid technologies. Major players in the industry include oil and gas companies, renewable energy developers, and utility companies. The energy and power industry faces challenges such as environmental concerns, regulatory frameworks, and the need for modernizing aging infrastructure. However, it also presents significant opportunities for innovation, investment, and job creation. Overall, the energy and power industry is transforming as the world transitions towards a more sustainable and diversified energy mix.  

BIS Research explores the overall energy and power industry by segregating it into 3 main segments.  

Building & Home Automation 

Digital technologies are expected to develop connected homes. By combining edge computing and IoT, buildings, HVAC systems, and lighting systems (including street lighting) can now become smart in terms of energy efficiency, and remote maintenance. BIS Research focuses on providing market intelligence and key insights on digital, energy efficient and automation technologies impacting the energy and power industry. 

Clean & Renewable Energy 

Renewable energy sources are in abundance, for example, hydro and solar energy. These resources can be efficiently harnessed to meet the increasing demand for energy. Almost every nation aims to become self-sustained and energy independent, renewable energy can cater increased demands and replace carbon intensive energy production practices. BIS Research understands the pursuit of sustainable energy production practices and is keen on providing insights and analysis on the entire renewable energy vertical.

Smart Energy 

Energy in usable form must be managed efficiently. This includes efficient generation, storage, and distribution. Digital technologies allow energy utilities to smartly manage energy operations, allowing them to increase efficiency through data intelligence and remote control. Technologies such as AI ML, IOT, and digital twin along with data analytics and edge computing applications can improve energy supply and distribution operations. BIS Research focuses on providing key insights on these smart energy initiatives and markets. 

Hundreds of businesses from this industry have trusted BIS Research’s insight reports to make those important decisions and grow in the market. From a geographical perspective, we are witnessing early adoption of deep technologies in the Energy and Power market in the following countries: USA, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, UK, France, South Korea amongst many more. 

Our customer base expands across several sections including small enterprises, medium-scale operations, Fortune 50 companies, as well as government organizations, venture capitalists and deemed universities. 

The future of the energy and power industry is expected to be entirely technology-based, with autonomy and automation improving the efficiency of various activities. BIS Research is keeping a close watch on the latest market developments. In case you do not find a report of your choice in the list above, please feel free to contact us so that we can look at customizing one for you.


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