BIS Research tracks the changing dynamics and developments in the aerospace industry and covers sectors including satellites, launch vehicles, and deep space.

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The global aerospace industry is experiencing major fundamental changes, compelled by space market trends and aviation market trends, along with macro-level factors that are influencing the business.

The aerospace industry highlights the technological developments occurring across the space and aviation industry. BIS Research tracks the changing dynamics and developments in the aerospace industry and covers market intelligence on several segments. These are as shown in the figure below:

Aircraft - The spread of COVID-19 has immensely affected the supply chain for various markets, causing a dent in the growth of the markets. In addition, the adoption of artificial intelligence, 5G and machine learning enable advancements that help enhance the technologies associated with aircrafts. BIS Research tracks the market dynamics occurring in the electric aircrafts along with aftermarket strategies of the aerospace industry. Get complete assessment and competitive benchmarking of the aircraft industry with BIS Research.

Urban Air Mobility – Cost effective and efficient air transportation is what urban air mobility (UAM) aims at. It is a framework within which the overall operations infrastructure, and safety of highly automated aircraft is being covered. BIS Research is responsible for tracking the advancements occurring in the urban air mobility market. We have also curated in-depth market intelligence on advance air mobility, including the study of cargo delivery services, commercial services, and aircrafts used for recreational purposes. Several other topics were also covered that are somewhat related to UAM such as military unmanned system, electric, and fixed-wing VTOL aircrafts, among others.

Unmanned Systems / Drones– The frequent augmentation of the drone technology has brought about a variety of changes right from reduction in size to the increase in degree of automation in drones, further opening new avenues for business opportunities. UAVs have emerged as a cost-effective solution for a wide range of commercial applications such as precision agriculture, surveying, aerial photography, and mapping.

The BIS UAV segment tracks emerging technologies, covering UTM, remote ID solutions, BVLOS drones, UAV propulsion, and others. We constantly track the changing market dynamics and identify key opportunity areas to support key players with relevant market information, which helps them in strategic decision-makings.

Satellites - Launch & Propulsion Systems– Under the satellite launch and propulsion system industry, BIS Research has undertaken several studies. Each of these studies are connected to different aspects of the satellite industry. As the global space propulsion system market is gaining widespread importance owing to increasing efforts from commercial space companies as well as space agencies, BIS Research tries to highlight all the measures undertaken by the industry. There is expected to be a high growth in the satellite propulsion system market as well, owing to significant increase in satellites and launch vehicle manufacturing. Recent innovations in components have enabled the space launch and propulsion system market to reach a wider segment of consumers in the industry.

Satellites - Types & Technology – The types and technology segment of the satellite industry covers the different functions for which satellites are being developed and launched. BIS Research has undertaken in-depth research on each of the types, including remote sensing, communication, and navigation satellite, among others. Several technologies that influence the entire space industry are also being studied, including space power supply, space debris removal, counterspace security, and geospatial imagery, among others. 

BIS Research also incorporates the aerospace industry analysis which helps provide data about the players operating in the global market. The aerospace market intelligence remarks on growth and marketing strategies, that will help the readers to understand the revenue-generating strategies adopted by the players operating in the aerospace market. Additionally, comprehensive competitive strategies such as partnerships, agreements, and collaborations will aid the readers in understanding the untapped revenue pockets in the market. 

Our customer base expands across several sections including small enterprises, medium-scale operations, Fortune 50 companies, as well as government organizations, venture capitalists and deemed universities. 

The aerospace industry is expected to be grow significantly in the upcoming, owing to the continuous development in the unmanned system sector and rising demand for satellite-based services. BIS Research is keeping a close watch on the latest aerospace developments. In case you do not find a report of your choice in the list above, please feel free to contact us so that we can look at customizing one for you.

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