Advanced Fibers and Composites

The market intelligence on fibers and composites traces the wide array of fabrics being used and new fabrics and composites being developed.

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Advanced Fibers and Composites

The fiber market and advanced composites market have been growing at a rapid pace encouraging various studies around them.

The study of advanced fibers and composites involves understanding the different types of fabrics that are available in the market and the applications that they can be used for. BIS Research studies the fiber market and advanced composites market viability of these fabrics with respect to the availability, cost and the attributes of these fabrics.

The fiber industry enjoys significant margins in the business world. However, this achievement hasn’t been easy. To maintain such margins, the industry is dependent on the fiber market and advanced composites market and must constantly and consistently innovate.

These innovations not only need to be supportive of the high demand of pleasing aesthetics seen by these industries, but also need to solve practical challenges. In order to successfully support these innovations, the fabrics and composites currently available must be researched and improved.

Different types of fabrics are being used for different purposes, for instance the use of synthetic suede is increasing especially in the case of high-end fashion and furniture products. Likewise, modern fibre composites are used to build resilient structures that can withstand extreme conditions and pressure. Reinforcement of current structures with this material has found several actual applications.

The fiber market reports and advanced composites market reports by BIS Research are all dedicated to understanding such composites, fibers, and fabrics in more detail. These reports don’t just provide a bird’s eye view into how these materials can have business benefits, but also show their business viability, new technologies being used to innovate with these products, and the general scope of their implementation based on their availability and affordability.

Most businesses categorized under fibers and composites markets show signs of growth. Securing the right position and taking the right calls can help secure a lucrative chunk of the growth of these industries.

For instance, the anti-viral fabric market is expected to grow at a significant pace in the coming years. The fabric technology that is used in the manufacturing of products like PPE kits, face masks, and linens has already experienced a tremendous boost in the past year.

BIS Research doesn’t only track the growth of these industries, but also helps build understanding of the materials being researched. BIS Research studies showcase different factors that are expected to influence the growth of these global markets like the total addressable market and the expected adoption rate.

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