Exploring the 11.27% CAGR of the Protein Expression Market: Trends, Drivers, and Opportunity

22 Feb 2024

Protein expression is the complex process of producing, modifying, and regulating proteins in living organisms. It's crucial in biotechnology for generating recombinant proteins using various host cells, aiding industries like biotech and pharmaceuticals in mass production. These systems encompass bacterial, yeast, insect, mammalian cells, and cell-free setups. BIS Research notes the dynamic nature of the global protein expression market, attributing rapid growth to rising demand for protein biologics and expanding biopharmaceutical research and development. 

Protein Expression Market Analysis: Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities 

The growing need for protein biologics necessitates protein expression, which is vital in pharmaceutical advancements aimed at treating diverse medical ailments. However, obstacles arise from prolonged regulatory procedures concerning recombinant proteins and biologics. Nevertheless, opportunities arise with innovations in microfluidics technology, simplifying protein expression procedures, particularly in mammalian cell culture. 

BIS Research released the Global Protein Expression Market Report, which covers data from 2022, with a market size of $2.39 billion in 2023, projected to reach $6.96 billion by 2033, indicating a CAGR of 11.27% during the forecast period. The report spans 169 pages and includes 111 tables and 46 figures, offering comprehensive insights into the market's size, trends, and future projections. 

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Key Players in the Protein Expression Market 

•    Agilent Technologies, Inc. 

•    Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. 

•    Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. 

•    Danaher Corporation (Abcam plc.) 

•    GenCefe Co., Ltd. 

•    Genscript Biotech Corporation 

•    Jena Bioscience 

•    Lonza Bioscience 

•    Merck KGaA 

•    New England Biolabs 

•    Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd 

•    Promega Corporation 

•    QIAGEN N.V. 

•    Takara Bio Inc. 

•    Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. 

Protein Expression Market Segments 

Segmentation 1: by Application 

•    Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing 

•    Research and Development 

•    Industrial Usage 

Segmentation 2: by End User  

•    Biopharmaceutical and Biotech Companies 

•    CRO and CDMO 

•    Academia 

•    Other End Users 

Segmentation 3: by Product 

•    Kits and Reagents 

•    Expression Vectors 

•    Competent Cells 

•    Plastic Consumables and Accessories 

Segmentation 4: by Expression System 

•    Mammalian Cell Expression System 

•    Bacterial Cell Expression System 

•    Insect Cell Expression System 

•    Yeast Cell Expression System 

•    Others 

Segmentation 5: by Region 

•    North America 

     o    U.S. 

     o    Canada 

•    Europe 

     o    Germany 

     o    U.K. 

     o    France 

     o    Italy 

     o    Spain 

     o    Rest-of-Europe 

•    Asia-Pacific 

     o    Japan 

     o    India 

     o    China 

     o    South Korea 

     o    Australia 

     o    Rest-of-Asia-Pacific  

•    Latin America 

     o    Brazil 

     o    Mexico 

     o    Rest-of-Latin America 

•    Middle East and Africa 

     o    South Africa 

     o    Israel 

     o    Saudi Arabia 

     o    Rest-of-Middle East and Africa 

Overview: The global protein expression market is categorized based on application, end-user, product, and expression system. Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is dominant in applications critical to producing therapeutic proteins. Biopharmaceutical and biotech companies serve as the primary end-users, propelling market expansion. Kits and reagents emerge as the most prominent product segment, spearheaded by industry giants such as Merck KGaA and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Mammalian cell expression systems experience the most substantial growth due to their physiological relevance and ability to handle post-translational processing. Notable players in the protein expression sector include Pfizer, Merck KGaA, Roche, and Amgen.  

Table of Contents

1.1    Trends: Current and Future Impact Assessment  

1.2    Supply Chain Overview  

1.3    Research and Development Review  

1.4    Regulatory Landscape  

1.5    Stakeholder Analysis  

1.7    Market Dynamics Overview  

2.1    Application Segmentation  

2.2    Application Summary 

3.1    Product Segmentation 

3.2    Product Summary 

4.1    Regional Summary 

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Analyst Take on the Protein Expression Market

BIS Principal Analyst: Established players in the protein expression sector increasingly adopt diverse strategies to fortify their market presence, notably by outsourcing protein production and expression to specialized service providers. This trend is particularly evident in antibody production and therapeutic antibody discovery, where pharmaceutical and biotech companies seek support for personalized assay development.  

For example, in January 2024, Evosep collaborated with Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. to advance clinical proteomics research, merging Evosep's sample separation technology with Thermo Fisher's mass spectrometry instruments. The global protein expression report offers a thorough analysis beneficial for manufacturers, service providers, and end-users, aiding in informed decision-making, targeted marketing, strategic planning, product benchmarking, and resource allocation. 

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