Navigating the $3.81 Billion Landscape of Cultured Meat Market

23 Feb 2024

Cultured meat, lab-grown or cell-based meat, is authentic animal-derived meat produced by cultivating animal cells, offering a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional farming. It replicates conventional meat's sensory and nutritional qualities while reducing environmental impact, land use, and greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional agriculture. This innovation improves animal welfare by eliminating industrialized slaughter. Cultured meat drives advancements in biotechnology and food science, prompting the need for regulatory frameworks. Its potential to reshape sustainable protein consumption attracts growing interest and investment in the food industry. 

Cultured Meat Market Analysis: Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities 

The cultured meat market is propelled by rising interest in alternative protein sources, spurred by worries about environmental sustainability and ethical standards in conventional animal farming. Increased consumer demand for healthier and eco-friendly choices drives investments in cultured meat technology. Nonetheless, elevated production expenses persist as a hurdle, though recent progress notably reduces costs. 

Growing markets with substantial per capita meat consumption and dependence on imports, notably in Southeast Asia, offer attractive prospects for cultured meat manufacturers to satisfy expanding demand in an environmentally sustainable manner. Regulatory clearances and infrastructure investments underscore the market's potential for expansion and advancement. 

BIS Research released the Cultured Meat Market report, which covers data from 2024, projecting a market size of $1.15 billion, with a forecast period of 2024-2033. By 2033, the market is estimated to reach $3.81 billion, with a CAGR of 14.19%. The report comprises 118 pages, including 43 tables and 30 figures, providing comprehensive insights into the market's growth trajectory and potential.    

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Key Players in the Cultured Meat Market

•    Mosa Meat 

•    UPSIDE Foods  

•    Aleph Farms 

•    Mission Barns  

•    Air Protein 

•    BlueNalu 

•    Meatable 

•    SuperMeat 

•    GOOD Meat 

•    Finless Foods 


•    Believer Meats 

•    Redefine Meat Ltd. 

•    Vow Group Pty Ltd 

•    Shiok Meats Pte Ltd 

Cultured Meat Market Segments

Segmentation 1: by Distribution Channel 

•    Food Service and Fast Food Chains 

•    Retail 

Segmentation 2: by Product Type 

•    Poultry 

•    Beef 

•    Seafood 

•    Pork 

•    Others 

Segmentation 3: by Region 

•    North America: U.S. and Canada 

•    Europe: Germany, Spain, Netherlands, U.K., and Rest-of-Europe 

•    Asia-Pacific: China, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, and Rest-of-Asia-Pacific  

•    Rest-of-the-World: Middle East, Africa, and Latin America 

Overview: Food service and fast-food chains are set to dominate, led by innovative companies like Believer Meats and UPSIDE Foods. Poultry is expected to lead product-wise, with companies like Eat Just and Future Meat driving advancements. North America spearheads regulatory progress and innovation in the global market. 

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Analyst Take on the Cultured Meat Market

BIS Principal Analyst: The cultured meat market's growth drives companies to seek collaborative strategies for sustainability amid intense competition. Joint venture programs allow firms with similar product portfolios to leverage each other's resources, accelerating their objectives. Cultured meat producers, fast food chains, retailers, research institutes, and investors can benefit from this report, gaining insights into market dynamics and strategic partnerships. 

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