Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Market: Size, Share, and Forecast 2023-2033

03 Apr 2024

Nucleic acid sample preparation is crucial in molecular biology research, involving isolation through enzymatic digestion and purification via precipitation, chromatography, and more. This process streamlines sample processing, reducing time and minimizing nucleic acid loss, enhancing experimental efficiency.

Advanced stabilization products meet the growing demand for long-term storage of DNA and RNA samples, maintaining integrity for downstream analysis. Meanwhile, progress in NGS technologies aims to improve efficiency by integrating DNA and RNA workflows, overcoming resource inefficiencies of separate processes. These advancements propel omics research by ensuring sample integrity and optimizing analytical workflows for enhanced outcomes.

Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Market Analysis: Drivers, Opportunities and Challenges

Several factors drive the nucleic acid sample preparation market, including the increasing adoption of genetic tests, the growing demand for reliable NGS platforms in clinical laboratories, and the rise in infectious diseases and cancer cases. Genetic tests are becoming famous for diagnosing disorders and ancestry exploration, necessitating consistent sample preparation methods.

NGS platforms are critical in diagnostics and personalized medicine, leading to a significant demand for efficient DNA/RNA preparation. Moreover, the prevalence of infectious diseases and cancer globally underscores the importance of genetic analysis, further boosting demand for nucleic acid sample preparation.

However, market growth faces constraints such as the high cost of automated instruments and rigid regulatory standards. Affordability remains challenging for adopting automated technology in developing markets, while compliance with regulatory standards adds complexity and cost to operations.

Despite challenges, there are opportunities for market expansion. Developing and utilizing more biobanks in healthcare offers significant potential by providing diverse genetic samples for research. Furthermore, ongoing technological advancements, such as spin-column and automation methods, enhance efficiency and reliability in sample preparation processes, driving innovation and growth in the market.

BIS Research released the Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Market Report, which covers 2022 to 2033, with a base year of 2022. In 2023, the market size reached $2,922.8 million, with a projected value of $5,615.9 million by 2033. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is estimated at 6.75% during the forecast period. The report spans 265 pages and includes 32 tables and 214 figures.

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Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Market Segments: Overview

The nucleic acid sample preparation market is segmented into various categories to provide a comprehensive understanding of its dynamics. Firstly, consumables lead the market by product, holding a dominant share in 2022.

Within consumables, kits constitute a significant portion, with DNA/RNA sample isolation/extraction/purification kits being the most prominent. Consumables are further categorized by analyte, where DNA holds the majority share. In terms of technology, silica-based consumables, and magnetic bead-based instruments lead their respective segments.

Moreover, the market is segmented by application, with qPCR being the leading application 2022. Academic research institutes and laboratories are the primary end-users, capturing the largest market share. Geographically, China dominates the Asia-Pacific market, driven by solid demand for nucleic acid extraction products and government support for development and manufacturing. Key suppliers in China include Qiagen, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and others.

Key Players in the Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Market

•    Agilent Technologies, Inc.

•    Autogen, Inc.

•    Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

•    F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

•    Merck KGaA

•    Macherey-Nagel GmbH & Co KG

•    New England Biolabs, Inc.

•    Norgen Biotek Corp.

•    Omega Bio-tek, Inc.

•    Revvity, Inc. (PerkinElmer, Inc.)

•    Promega Corporation

•    QIAGEN N.V.

•    Sage Science, Inc.

•    Tecan Group

•    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

•    Zymo Research

USP of the Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Market Report

The Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Market report offers unique selling points (USPs), such as an in-depth competitive analysis of major players, providing a comprehensive overview of the nucleic acid sample preparation market. It examines the market's economic influence and highlights notable end-user industry advancements. The report conducts a thorough supply chain and pricing analysis. It also delves into the investment landscape, assessing product adoption trends and patents. These features make the report valuable for understanding the market's dynamics and opportunities.

Analyst Take on the Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Market

BIS principal analyst suggests between January 2018 and December 2023, product launches and approvals constituted the majority, around 66.04% of key developments in the global nucleic acid sample preparation market. Leading players like Agilent Technologies, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, and Thermo Fisher Scientific have actively introduced new solutions to meet growing demand and expand market share. This trend underscores the importance of innovation in addressing market needs.

The report provides valuable insights for stakeholders across the healthcare sector, including healthcare providers, research institutes, clinical centers, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and investors. It highlights partnership opportunities for pharmaceutical firms and CDMOs and informs R&D strategies.

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