10 Startups Leveraging FoodTech to Bring Culinary Renaissance to Italy

22 Aug 2023

From the charming vineyards of Tuscany to the bustling kitchens of Rome, innovation intertwines with tradition. Italy's FoodTech revolution not only upholds its global gastronomic prestige but also paves the way for a sustainable and tech-driven culinary future. 

The FoodTech industry is experiencing a rise in inventive new enterprises that are introducing renewed energy into its conventional terrain. 
The emerging startups are primarily concentrating on transforming the established panorama of culinary trends across Europe.

From innovative food delivery platforms to smart kitchen solutions, this article will discuss various precision technologies to enhance sustainable agriculture. This blog will also focus on why these startups stand out and how they are revolutionizing the culinary landscape in Italy. 

Here are the 10 most promising FoodTech startups that hold the potential to reshape Italy’s food sector:


Circle stands as a pioneering firm leading the way in technological advancements, transforming the landscape of food manufacturing while simultaneously reducing waste and environmental pollution. 

By integrating aquaponics, it skillfully merges fish cultivation and plant growth, yielding abundant produce with rapid maturation. The Circle's infrastructure comprises greenhouses and vegetable patches that harmoniously coexist alongside a vineyard, showcasing its innovative stance toward sustainable and environmentally responsible progress.

Deliveristo is a Milan-based startup that stands as a prominent virtual marketplace catering to the worldwide HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés) industry. 

This innovative platform enables chefs and restaurant proprietors to seamlessly link up with suppliers, streamlining the ordering procedure for swiftness, ease, and optimal efficiency. This startup has secured a total funding of $14.86 million (€12.6 million) since 2017. 

Planet Farms
Headquartered in Milan, Planet Farms is a vertical farming enterprise dedicated to enriching the taste of vegetables via meticulous seed curation and state-of-the-art techniques. 

Its inventive vertical cultivation approach maximizes critical factors to yield delectable and nourishing greens. Planet Farms tackles issues associated with urbanization, food security, availability, water shortage, land utilization, and traceability. The company has raised a total funding of $19.05 million (€17.5 million) since its foundation in 2018.

Babaco Market
Babaco Market, based in Milan, introduced a subscription-based facility, delivering exclusive and exceptional fruits and vegetables straight to your residence. 

Babaco Market makes sure that its produce is delivered to a customer's dining table in a container that has been carefully chosen. This endeavor not only facilitates an opportunity to partake in nature's harvest but also fulfills a crucial role in mitigating the issue of food wastage. Babaco Market has successfully raised a total funding amount of $8.893 million (€8.1 million) since 2020. 

Based in Rome, Ittinsect holds a pivotal position in advancing sustainability within aquaculture by crafting a specialized feed derived from agricultural and food by-products. 

The company's primary emphasis revolves around formulating an aquaculture feed that delivers remarkable nutritional effectiveness, consequently enhancing the well-being of farmed fish and contributing to environmental betterment. Ittinsect has secured $9.18 million (€900k) in funding since its establishment in 2021. 

FrescoFrigo, headquartered in Milan, focuses on developing and distributing a cutting-edge, self-sufficient, and easily adaptable intelligent refrigerator. 

By incorporating state-of-the-art automation technology and automated proximity sales, FrescoFrigo aims to enhance daily routines and promote healthier eating patterns. The company has successfully secured a total funding of $3.186 million (€2.7 million) since 2018. 

Dog Heroes
Dog Heroes, situated in Milan, offers tailor-made household meal plans composed of freshly portioned dishes designed to address the unique dietary needs of dogs. 

It encompasses 55% meat, exclusively sourced from Italy, harmoniously paired with vegetables, crucial vitamins, and essential mineral salts. Dog Heroes is dedicated to utilizing natural constituents and abstains from including any synthetic additives or preservatives in its meals. The company has garnered a cumulative funding of $3.48 million (€3.2 million) since 2019. 

Milano-based 3Bee stands as a trailblazing European company at the forefront of delivering biodiversity-focused services. By incorporating cutting-edge sensors, analytical tools, and revitalizing initiatives, it actively contributes to the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity. 

With a resolute mission to seamlessly integrate technology and the natural world, 3Bee is forging a sustainable global future through inventive environmental solutions that generate positive outcomes. This startup has successfully secured cumulative funding of $ 6.74 million (€6.2 million) since 2017. 

Bi-rex, headquartered in Milan, possesses a patented technology deeply rooted in the fundamental principles of the circular economy. This technology facilitates the conversion of industrial by-products from the agri-food sector into valuable raw materials suitable for diverse industrial applications. 

Through the utilization of these materials, specifically cellulose and chitin, as eco-friendly substitutes for plastics. These substances hold substantial market potential, with a value reaching billions of dollars, and have the ability to be employed across various sectors. The company has secured $ 174.23 million  (€160k) in funding since 2020. 

TomaPaint, headquartered in Parma, is committed to revolutionizing the metal food packaging sector through innovative methods. Its approach involves harnessing the potential of bio-resin derived from by-products of industrial tomato processing. 

By utilizing this bio-resin, TomaPaint has developed an inventive bio-lacquer, which serves as a sustainable and environmentally friendly substitute for synthetic coatings. The company has successfully secured a total funding amount of $2.47 million (€2.1 million) since 2019. 


By adopting sustainability and leveraging technological capabilities, FoodTech startups not only guarantee the safeguarding of Italy's renowned worldwide reputation for excellence and quality but also pioneer fresh avenues for expansion and success within the market.  

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