Top 10 Automotive Cybersecurity Companies Fortifying Connected Mobility

23 Jan 2024

In light of the rising prevalence of connected and autonomous mobility, ensuring cybersecurity has become a pivotal focus for automotive manufacturers. As the quantity of connected vehicles on the road rises and the amount of sensitive data transmitted and stored in these vehicles expands, the mobility industry faces an escalating need for enhanced cybersecurity measures. 

The automotive sector has become vulnerable to cyber threats, prompting automakers to implement resilient and effective cybersecurity solutions. These measures include data encryption, robust firewalls, and regular software maintenance and upgrades to fortify the digital defenses of vehicles.  

Automotive manufacturers are turning to cybersecurity solutions to ensure the safety of customer data and improve customer satisfaction. According to BIS Research, the global automotive cybersecurity market was valued at $2.76 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $17.73 billion by 2031, with a growing CAGR of 22.97% during the forecast period 2022-2031. 

The following are the top 10 companies providing effective automotive cybersecurity solutions to keep your connected car safe from hackers and cyber threats. 

1. Dellfer 

Headquarters- San Mateo, California 

Dellfer is a cybersecurity firm that specializes in providing coding solutions for autotech software. Its code protects IoT-enabled cars from cyber-attacks and can be updated without an Internet connection. The company collaborates with DENSO, a leading global mobility provider, to integrate Dellfer's cybersecurity tools into a broader range of vehicles. By deploying code execution paths at runtime, Dellfer ensures the enforcement of security measures for maximum protection. 

2. Nvidia

Headquarters- Santa Clara, California 

Nvidia is a leader in the development of AI-powered technologies for self-driving cars. Its data processors and chips utilize deep learning algorithms to provide autonomous vehicles with the ability to securely collect, analyze, and relay driving data. 

 NVIDIA's software and cloud-based technologies enable self-driving cars to learn from real-world experiences and continuously improve their driving capabilities. The company has collaborated with several major automobile manufacturers, such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota, and Volkswagen. 

3. NXM Labs

Headquarters- San Francisco, U.S. 

 NXM Labs is a company that specializes in providing blockchain-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. It offers NXM-BOS, a solution that allows IoT devices to communicate with each other and their cloud environment securely and automatically. 

NXM Labs also offers NXM Wave, a platform that connects dealers and drivers through real-time vehicle monitoring and features such as in-app booking, finding a lost car, and Wi-Fi services via an automotive router. These solutions and services are available for various industries, including automotive, payment, healthcare, infrastructure, and insurance. 

4. Karamba Security

 Headquarters- Hod Hasharon, Israel 

Karamba Security provides an automotive cybersecurity solution for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and autonomous vehicles that secures the controller area network (CAN) bus in vehicles. 

It offers solutions to protect connected devices and cars from cyber threats by strengthening the security of the external controllers within a vehicle by ensuring only authorized code and behaviors run, preventing hackers from accessing the car's controller area network (CAN). 

 5. Argus Cyber Security 

 Headquarters- Tel Aviv, Israel 

Argus Cyber Security provides various cybersecurity solutions for the automotive industry, including real-time in-vehicle network protection, over-the-air (OTA) software updates security, and secure vehicle-to-vehicle communication. 

Argus Cyber Security also offers intrusion prevention systems (IPS) that work on deep packet inspection (DPI) algorithms to analyze all traffic within a vehicle's network and detect unusual transmissions and alerting tools to prevent hackers from accessing a vehicle's vital components. 

 The company's cyber security systems also provide reports and alerts for monitoring a vehicle's cybersecurity health through integrated OBD-II dongles attached to the dashboard or vehicle's architecture. 

 6. Irdeto

Headquarters- Hoofddorp, Netherlands 

 Irdeto is a supplier of cyber and content security solutions. It provides software-based, comprehensive security and cyber solutions to industries such as video entertainment, video gaming, connected transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare. Its offerings include managing multi-level defense against cyberattacks, thorough design, and more. 

 7. NCC Group

 Headquarters- U.K. 

 NCC Group provides various cybersecurity solutions for the automotive industry, including functional testing and prioritization of security action plans and critical focus areas. 

The team is equipped to enhance security awareness and understanding of cyber threats through security awareness training, ICS and SCADA testing, network monitoring services, and various other services to elevate an organization's level of cyber maturity. 

8. Intertrust

 Headquarters- Sunnyvale, California 

Intertrust creates products that enhance cybersecurity and the overall experience for drivers by catering to their individual needs. Its offerings include tools that secure a vehicle's infotainment system, block unauthorized access, and prevent the collection of personal information. 

The company's key software, whiteCryption, speeds up and secures content delivery to drivers. Another software provided by Intertrust, Personagraph, also ensures the encryption of a driver's data. 

9. Siemens 

 Headquarters- Munich, Germany 

Siemens provides various cybersecurity solutions for the automotive industry, including secure software development, secure communication protocols, and secure key management, as well as security assessments and penetration testing to identify potential vulnerabilities in the vehicle's systems. 

10. GuardKnox 

 Headquarters- Ramla, Israel 

 GuardKnox provides cybersecurity hardware solutions for end-to-end protection for connected vehicles. It uses secure communication protocols, encryption, and key management to ensure the privacy and security of sensitive data transmitted between vehicles and the cloud. 

GuardKnox utilized patent pending lockdown technology to protect from cyber threats, whereas its Secure Network Orchestrator (SNO), a centralized system in the vehicle, protects all electronic control units. 


Globally, automotive cybersecurity solution providers, both established and emerging, are focused on enhancing vehicle security amid rising concerns over unauthorized access and data theft. Leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and hardware authentication, these players develop advanced solutions to counter cyber threats. The market's rapid growth presents significant opportunities, with strategies like product launches, partnerships, collaborations, business expansions, and investments being key for maintaining and strengthening market positions. 

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