AT&T Invest $10 Million Partnering with DFW Airport for Improved Digital Operations through Wireless Connectivity

04 Jul 2023

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) collaborated with AT&T to enhance connectivity and essential infrastructure with the help of a comprehensive wireless platform (CWP) through a satellite flat panel antenna. 

As per the BIS Research report, the global satellite flat panel antenna market was valued at $5.63 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to reach $24.31 billion by 2033, witnessing a CAGR of 14.49% during the forecast period 2023-2033.


AT&T intends to allocate $10 million toward upgrading and expanding the network that covers the airport, thereby aiding airport operations and improving the availability of free public Wi-Fi within the terminals.

Here’s the Complete Story
Under the proposed agreement, AT&T plans to allocate $10 million toward enhancing and expanding the network that encompasses the airport. 

The objective is to bolster airport operations and improve the quality of free public Wi-Fi in the airport's terminals. This will involve the installation of 200 new access points, in addition to upgrading the existing 800 access points provided by DFW, resulting in improved coverage and faster speeds for customers. 

Mike Youngs, Vice President of Information Technology Services at DFW Airport, stated, “This proposed agreement signifies our commitment to ensure our customers will always remain connected at DFW Airport, so they can reliably stay online for work or entertainment while traveling.”

Additionally, AT&T would establish a private 5G network specifically for the airport's internal use, addressing the increasing need for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and facilitating the digitalization of airport operations. 

Key Offerings of the Deal
The comprehensive wireless platform (CWP) would offer improved connectivity across various areas of the airport, encompassing indoor and outdoor spaces, parking lots, and runways. This enhanced connectivity translates to a faster access to airport services for travelers through the DFW Airport or airline app. 
This includes convenient features such as automated check-in, baggage tracking, and access to airport lounges, enabling a more streamlined and efficient travel experience. 

The dedicated 5G network deployed within the airport will deliver increased reliability, security, reduced latency, and expanded capacity. This advanced connectivity will enable operations teams to have optimal access to various future applications, including real-time data analytics and improved communication with crucial airport systems. 

These use cases will empower the airport's management team to effectively monitor and manage passenger traffic, security systems, and baggage handling processes, ultimately enhancing efficiency and safety within the airport premises. 

The demand for Satcom solutions is increasing, particularly for affordable Satcom-on-the-move applications. The rise of smaller Satcom terminals, driven by the growth of LEO-based connectivity services, highlights the importance of small-form-factor antenna solutions. The demand for flat panel antennas in various applications will continue to grow. 

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