BASF and AGCO Unite to Launch Smart Spraying Technology Promoting the EU Green Deal

27 Jun 2023

On April 6 2023, BASF, a leading European chemical company, and AGCO Corporation, a global leader in agricultural equipment, announced their ambitious collaboration. With a shared commitment to sustainable agriculture and environmental responsibility, the two companies are working together to bring Smart Spraying technology to the market, ensuring compliance with the stringent regulations set forth by the European Union’s (EU) Green Deal initiative.

According to the BIS Research report, the EU Green Deal is set to have a substantial impact on the smart agriculture market in Europe and beyond. Several policies in the EU Green Deal, such as a reduction in chemical pesticide usage by 50% and fertilizer usage by 20% by 2030, could pose challenges for agrochemical manufacturers.

However, the implementation of the Green Deal could also lead to increased demand for smart agriculture products and services, such as farm management software, sensors, drones, smart spraying, and variable rate technology services.

Read the complete story to know the significance of the BASF-AGCO partnership and its compliance with the EU Green Deal. 

Elements of the EU Green Deal 

To align with the EU Green Deal objectives, sustainable agricultural practices are essential. This involves reducing the use of chemical inputs, optimizing resource efficiency, and adopting innovative technologies that minimize the environmental impact of farming activities. The collaboration between BASF and AGCO is a testament to their commitment to sustainable agriculture and their efforts to support the EU Green Deal.

BASF-AGCO Partnership 

BASF and AGCO Corporation have joined forces to integrate and commercialize smart spraying technology on Fendt Rogator sprayers. Developed by Bosch BASF Smart Farming, this advanced solution enables precise herbicide application, ensuring effective weed control while optimizing savings. 

The trials for this smart spraying technology began in May 2021, with its targeted spraying capabilities in varying conditions, day or night. It also saves significant herbicide through the precise application, advanced sensors, automated sensitivity thresholds, and utilization of weed identification technology. The application platform of Fendt Rogator further enhances the efficiency of the technology.  

Furthermore, the Smart Spraying Solution offers farmers integrated digital tools for actionable insights, enhancing yields and efficiency. It includes customized recommendations and reliable documentation within one platform, enabled by AGCO's controls and xarvio Digital Farming Solutions by Bosch BASF Smart Farming.

The smart spraying technology integrated with Fendt Rogator supports corn, soy, sunflower, canola, and sugar beet crops and has the potential to expand capabilities to include more crops in the future.

Matt Leininger, managing director at Bosch BASF Smart Farming, North America, emphasized the unique features of the system, stating, " With a 24/7 application capability, we create exceptional green-on-green and green-on-brown performance in the market. This type of precision agronomics offering is a breakthrough to support farmers with less impact and higher yields."

Moreover, Seth Crawford, Senior Vice President, General Manager at AGCO, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration. He said, “The progress we have made with Bosch BASF Smart Farming in developing a sustainable solution that maintains productivity while improving profitability, delivering clean fields with maximum savings, is an excellent example of AGCO’s farmer focus.” Moreover, AGCO plans to make the technology available in the Americas and Europe starting in 2024.


By integrating advanced technology into farming equipment, the BASF-AGCO partnership is paving the way for a more sustainable and technologically advanced agricultural sector. This partnership sets a precedent for the adoption of smart farming solutions globally, promoting efficiency, productivity, and environmental stewardship in the agricultural industry.

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