Biomaterials Transforming the Ways of Treating Trauma Fractures

25 Jul 2017

The UK Olympic sprinter, James Ellington, is recovering from a serious injury due to a motor cycle accident in January, suffering a broken tibia and pelvis and fractures in both eye sockets. The sprinter is hopeful to make a return soon thanks to Invibio Biomaterial Solutions and CarboFix Orthopedics. It was announced in a press release on July 13, 2017, that the sprinter "has joined forces with the Invibio and CarboFix on his road to recovery and his overall ambition to return to the world stage of the athletic competition." 

This is a perfect example of the power of a person's determination which is strengthened by the advanced medical technology. CarboFix and Invibio have worked together with innovative biomaterials and devices that have the potential to change the treatment of trauma fractures. With trauma implants made from Invibio's PEEK-OPTIMA™ Ultra-Reinforced, a composite polymer, CarboFix Orthopedics is hoping to support James and patients in a similar situation. According to Invibio, its PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymers are used in around nine million implanted devices worldwide.

With the advancement in the biomaterials, the competition in the biomaterials market is intensifying and with successful products and their implementation, the companies are vying for the biggest market share. The players and competitors should look out for strategies such as agreements, collaborations, contracts, joint ventures and partnerships, expansions, new product launches & developments, and mergers and acquisitions.

In 2016, DSM Biomedical, a subsidiary of Koninklijke DSM N.V., collaborated with Teleflex Medical OEM, a global leader in custom sutures and fibers, to host their first joint event highlighting their partnership in the field of high-strength orthopedic sutures. Through this partnership, the company aims to provide readily available sutures which are biocompatible and have enhanced properties.

Acknowledging the expansion of the biomaterials market on a global scale, BIS Research has compiled a market intelligence report, titled ‘Global Biomaterials Market - Analysis and Forecast: 2017 to 2021'. According to the analyst at BIS Research, "the global biomaterials market is expected to reach $151.65 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 16.0% between 2017 and 2021.

This report is a compilation of various segmentations including the market breakdown by biomaterial type, sub-type, end-use applications, and different geographical regions. It also includes sections on competitive insights and market dynamics. Herein, the revenue generated from the biomaterials market is tracked to calculate the market size.


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