Commercial UAV Expo 2022 to Bring a Perfect Platform for Drone Trades and Networking

12 Jul 2022

Unmanned ariel vehicles (UAVs) or drones are rapidly gaining popularity across industries. In terms of widespread adoption and utilization, drones are still in their nascent stage, yet the technology has managed to break the conventional hesitancy to the technological advancements. Currently, the applications of UAVs range from operations and warehouse logistics to inspection and security.

Drones play a crucial role in the operations of many enterprises and governmental agencies, and they have successfully penetrated markets where they were either inactive or lagging. 

Industrial drone applications are proving to be very helpful in areas inaccessible by humans or where humans cannot operate quickly and efficiently, such as making quick deliveries during rush hour or remote surveying agricultural farms.

Some key benefits drones provide across industries include the following:

•    Boosting job efficiency and productivity 
•    Reducing workload and production costs 
•    Improving functional accuracy
•    Enhancing service and customer relations
•    Resolving security challenges on a large scale 

As more and more companies begin to recognize drone technology's potential, scope, and scale of global reach, adoption across industries is quickly moving from the fad stage to the mega-trend stage.

The growth of the unmanned ariel systems technology and market in various verticals is affirmed by in-depth analysis and market research conducted by BIS Research. 

Over the years, various reports on different applications of UAVs across industries have been published by BIS Research, offering deep insight into the market trends, drivers, challenges, and opportunities. 

A few of the latest studies conducted by BIS Research around the drone and UAV industry are mentioned as follows:

•    Counter-UAS (Anti-Drone) Market
•    Target Drone Market
•    Global Drone Delivery Market
•    UAS Traffic Management (UTM) System Market

However, there might still be a gap in the market between the UAV manufacturers, traders, investors, and the industry leaders who willingly integrate the technology into their operations and logistics. 

To bridge this gap, Commercial UAV Expo 2022 is bringing the world's leading trade show and conference focusing on the integration and operation of commercial UAVs with more exhibitors than any other commercial drone event. 

Industries covered in this event include construction, drone delivery, energy and utilities, forestry and agriculture, infrastructure and transportation, mining and aggregates, public safety and emergency services, security, and surveying and mapping. 

The commercial drone ecosystem is gathered under one roof at the Commercial UAV Expo, which was established in 2015. 

The event attracts competent end users from all the industries mentioned above, pioneers in UAV solution development, and professionals overseeing the safe integration of UAVs into the airspace. The leading solution suppliers in the world will be showcasing their best-in-class UAVs at exhibits, making it easy to compare and qualify their offerings.  

The event is sponsored by Commercial UAV News, and it will be organized by Diversified Communications, the firm behind Geo Week and Digital Construction Week, which also hosts the International Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Mapping Forum, SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, and Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) Next Expo & Conference.

The Commercial UAV Expo 2022 will be held at Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, from 6th September 2022 to 8th September. On the first day of the event, pre-conference panels, demos, and workshops will be organized. Conference programming and drone exhibits will be held on the second and third days.

For more information and registration for the event, visit the website or email your query at [email protected]


The UAV technology and primarily commercial drones are revolutionizing established business and industry processes, enabling sophisticated operations to enhance production. Its applications are changing how organizations and industries use their existing legacy systems, making way for operations powered by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). 

Businesses and industries using advanced technological instruments to develop better and more effective operations are currently the main users of drone technology. Commercial drones are being used for far more purposes than just taking pictures or videos. 

Commercial UAV Expo 2022 is a must-attend event if being up to date with the latest technology and innovations is a priority for your business. It offers top-notch education, unmatched networking opportunities, and more displays than any other commercial drone event. 


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