Indoor 5G Connectivity Gets a Boost with Ericsson's Latest Offerings

27 Mar 2023

The world's increasing reliance on digital technologies and seamless connectivity has strained indoor mobile connectivity. According to the latest Ericsson mobility report, approximately 80% of mobile data is generated through indoor use. The company sees high-performing indoor mobile connectivity as becoming a critical digital infrastructure. However, Ericsson estimates that only 10-15% of buildings have access to indoor 5G connectivity. In response, three new offerings have been added by Ericsson to its portfolio of indoor mobile connectivity, all of which are intended to provide 5G coverage, capacity, and capabilities throughout the interior of any office or commercial space. Here’s the complete story. 

The Current State of Indoor Connectivity

The fragmented in-building market primarily consists of technologies such as distributed antenna systems (DAS), which hold a sizable market portion. According to the BIS Research market report, the global indoor DAS market is projected to reach $17.16 billion by 2031 from $5.79 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 11.66% during the forecast period 2022-2031.

These market numbers are supported by Ericsson’s new releases, which include two hardware products and software services designed for indoor locations, regardless of the size or complexity of the building. These new offerings are part of Ericsson's Radio Dot System portfolio, which aims to meet customers' simplicity and monetization goals through a scalable offering suitable for any indoor environment or situation. These products are an upgrade to the traditional indoor DAS technology as the industry leaders are looking for more advanced alternatives to enhance the indoor connectivity infrastructure to enable a less difficult and time-consuming indoor technology decision-making process. 

IRU 8850 Indoor Radio Unit

The medium-to-large venue reception is the focus of the IRU 8850 indoor radio unit. According to the manufacturer, this product has a straightforward and quick deployment process, delivers up to four times the capacity of its forerunners, and improves network performance and user experience. Additionally, compared to active DAS technology, it is said to be up to 70% more energy efficient.

Ericsson Indoor Fusion Unit

The Ericsson Indoor Fusion Unit, intended for small to medium-sized building coverage in coffee shops, retail stores, branch offices, movie theaters, and restaurants, is the second addition to the indoor 5G portfolio. This all-in-one indoor 5G product integrates baseband and radio functionality into a single device. Because of network sharing, it allegedly offers a 50% reduced total cost of ownership.

Ericsson 5G Precise Positioning

The new Ericsson software, Ericsson 5G Precise Positioning, provides location services for various use cases that enterprises can deploy. For instance, it can be used for asset tracking and tool positioning in environments such as factories, mines, hospitals, warehouses, and other private industrial network applications, as well as emergency response scenarios.

Benefits of Ericsson's Latest Offerings

With a scalable solution appropriate for any indoor setting or circumstance, the new Ericsson products are designed to satisfy customers' needs for simplicity and monetization. The enlarged portfolio provides a one-stop-shop to hasten the worldwide roll-out of indoor 5G while distributing the advantages of first-rate indoor connectivity. Additionally, it will open a range of use cases for businesses and service providers that will improve customer experience, safety, and operational effectiveness.

Joe Madden, the founder and chief analyst of Mobile Experts, thinks that Ericsson's strategy can promote economies of scale by using common parts to serve both big and small buildings, as well as applications with high, low, or multiple operators. With the help of this type of digital backbone, deployment can be scaled up to include more structures.


As the world increasingly digitizes, reliable indoor mobile connectivity has become a critical digital infrastructure. Ericsson's latest offerings aim to provide indoor 5G connectivity, capacity, and capabilities across any work or business environment. By offering a scalable and cost-efficient solution suitable for any indoor environment or situation, Ericsson is poised to accelerate indoor 5G roll-outs globally, spreading the benefits of premium indoor connectivity.

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