Intelsat and Deutsche Telekom Join Forces to Revolutionize Satellite-Based IoT Solutions

20 Mar 2023

Satellite-based Internet of things (IoT) services are increasingly being utilized across a diverse array of businesses worldwide for various applications such as monitoring delicate environments, increasing system efficiency, reducing waste, and providing new insights into processes and operations. Moreover, with the advancement in spacetech such as  satellite and communication technologies, these services are becoming more efficient, which is leading to a consistently growing satellite-based IoT services market. 

According to the BIS Research analysis, the global satellite-based IoT service market was valued at $279.7 million in 2022, and it is expected to grow with a CAGR of 2.76% and reach $372.6 million by 2033.

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However, the deployment of IoT solutions can be challenging, especially in remote locations where cellular and fiber connectivity options may not be available.

Intelsat, a provider of integrated satellite and terrestrial networks, and Deutsche Telekom (DT) IoT, a leading provider of IoT solutions, have announced a partnership that will aim to connect the unconnected with satellite-based IoT solutions. The companies intend to integrate Intelsat FlexEnterprise into DT IoT's cloud-based IoT offering, which will extend IoT solutions to locations regardless of the availability of cellular or fiber connectivity options. Here’s the complete story. 

Satellite Connectivity Enhances Real-Time Data Collection and Decision-Making

In order to improve real-time data gathering, analysis, and decision-making, Brian Jakins, general manager of Intelsat Networks, points out that satellite connectivity enables IoT to link physical objects and devices from anywhere in the world to the virtual world. With the integration of FlexEnterprise, DT IoT can increase the utility of its IoT offering, especially for widely dispersed apps like green IoT environmental monitoring and renewable energy infrastructure. Dennis Nikles, CEO of DT IoT, claimed that the addition of satellite connectivity would allow the business to link everything, anywhere, and reshape the future of international IoT networking. Customers will now be able to communicate with a singular point of contact as well as a network of networks that is simple to connect to and is available everywhere, opening up entirely new possibilities.

FlexEnterprise: Enterprise-Grade Connectivity Service

FlexEnterprise is a cutting-edge enterprise-grade connectivity service offered by Intelsat. The service is designed to integrate satellite and terrestrial networks to extend internet, cloud, and private networks. The primary objective of this service is to provide reliable and secure connectivity in areas that are difficult to access, such as remote locations or areas where cellular or fiber connectivity is not available. FlexEnterprise is a highly scalable and customizable solution that offers seamless connectivity for various industries, including energy, transportation, government, and more.

One of the key benefits of FlexEnterprise is that Intelsat manages the global infrastructure. This eliminates the need for customers to maintain their satellite infrastructure and expertise. As a result, businesses can save time and money on operating new services without worrying about the complexities of managing their own satellite infrastructure. Intelsat ensures that the FlexEnterprise infrastructure is always up-to-date and secure, providing businesses with peace of mind and the confidence that their connectivity needs are always met.

FlexEnterprise is offered as a satellite-as-a-service offering, which further reduces the time and cost of operating new services. This means that businesses can quickly and easily access satellite connectivity without investing in expensive satellite infrastructure. Instead, they can simply subscribe to the service and enjoy seamless connectivity for their IoT devices and applications. This is a significant advantage for businesses that need to deploy IoT devices in remote or hard-to-reach locations where traditional cellular or fiber networks are not feasible.

In addition to its connectivity capabilities, FlexEnterprise also offers a range of advanced features that enhance the performance and functionality of IoT devices and applications. For instance, it supports real-time data collection, analysis, and decision-making, enabling businesses to gain insights into their operations and processes that were previously not possible. 

Hence, FlexEnterprise is a powerful and innovative connectivity solution that enables businesses to connect the unconnected. With its seamless integration of satellite and terrestrial networks, businesses can access reliable and secure connectivity in even the most remote locations. Mobile network providers can provide services akin to terrestrial networks anywhere because of the Intelsat FlexEnterprise satellite platform. For instance, industrial IoT customers can connect devices in difficult-to-reach locations, such as to operate wind turbines on mountaintops or in the ocean or to evaluate flood risks by tracking water levels in distant locations.


The partnership between Intelsat and DT IoT is a significant step toward providing satellite-based IoT solutions that enable connectivity anywhere globally. The integration of satellite connectivity into DT IoT's offering will provide customers with a single point of contact and a network of networks with simple and ubiquitous connectivity. This partnership will enable DT IoT to extend the reach and effectiveness of its IoT solution, drive better results for its customers, and reshape the future of global IoT networking.

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