Remilk Raised $130 Million Securing Regulatory Approval for Cow-Free Dairy Products in Israel

05 Jun 2023

Remilk, a startup that creates dairy products without the use of animals, has been granted a unique permit by the health ministry to sell its products in Israel. The permit allows Remilk to market its non-animal dairy products to the Israeli public. The startup produces genuine milk proteins from yeast.

The future of lactose-free or non-animal dairy products seems promising, as people worldwide have come to the realization that traditional dairy contains high lactose levels that is not suitable for their consumption.

According to the BIS Research report, the global lactose-free dairy products market is projected to reach $12.10 billion by 2025 from $6.90 billion in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 9.80% during the forecast period 2020-2025.

Remilk has been granted approval by the Ministry of Health, which came after the company received a "No Questions Letter" from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, the Singapore Food Authority has also cleared Remilk for regulatory compliance.

Here’s the Complete Story

Remilk has received over $130 million in funding so far and has entered into agreements with major players in the global food industry. In 2022, Remilk, which is currently producing its protein in large quantities at several facilities globally, disclosed a significant commercial deal with the Central Bottling Company (CBC Group), the exclusive franchise holder of Coca-Cola in Israel and one of the biggest food corporations in the country. The deal involves introducing a series of dairy items containing Remilk's protein into the Israeli market.

Additionally, Remilk has received permission from the Ministry of Health after receiving a  "No Questions Letter" from the FDA confirming the safety of Remilk’s animal-free protein under its Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) standards. This letter confirms that the FDA has accepted the findings of an expert panel, which concluded that Remilk's animal-free protein is safe for use in food products in accordance with the GRAS standards.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, stated, “This permit is an initial breakthrough and a genuine milestone in an area in which the State of Israel is a technological leader.” He further continued, “The development of this technology will lead to the economic strengthening of Israel, food security, better dealing with climate change, and the welfare of animals.

Latest Developments in the Lactose-Free Dairy Products Market

The dairy industry experienced significant growth in 2021-22, driven by factors such as the increasing per capita consumption of milk and milk products, changing dietary preferences, and rising urbanization. This growth has not only provided income-generation opportunities for millions of households but also serves as a vital food source for them.

The demand for lactose-free products has increased significantly over time, with many consumers choosing them even after self-diagnosing lactose intolerance. Although there is low awareness in less developed economies, the demand for such products has been growing rapidly.

The growing awareness of lactose-free dairy products has resulted in a significant increase in demand for various types of yogurts, flavored milk, and cheeses. As a result, stakeholders in the lactose-free dairy products industry are expected to invest heavily in innovation to take advantage of lucrative business prospects. Additionally, changing dietary habits and urbanization have led to considerable demand for healthy and fresh dairy products.


Dairy industry leaders across different regions have entered the lactose-free dairy products market, taking advantage of their extensive consumer networks and diverse distribution channels. Thus, the dairy industry is undergoing a significant transformation due to changing consumer preferences, which are increasingly focused on health and wellness.

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