Robo-Chefs on the Rise: CES 2024 Brings AI Robots to Kitchen

12 Jan 2024

AI-Powered Kitchen Gadgets and Robots 

The latest trend showcased at CES 2024 is the integration of AI and robotics in kitchen appliances, enabling them to perform cooking and mix drinks with minimal human intervention. These advancements are poised to transform the way meals are prepared and served, offering convenience and precision in culinary endeavors.  

Chef AI's "Real One-Touch" Air Fryer 

Tech startup Chef AI has introduced a groundbreaking air fryer that operates seamlessly with a "real one-touch" functionality. Utilizing AI, the air fryer can automatically identify the type of food being cooked, eliminating the need for manual settings and making it user-friendly for individuals of all cooking skill levels. The anticipated release of this innovation in the U.S. in September generates significant excitement, with a projected retail price of USD 250.  

Bartesian’s Premier Cocktail-Mixing Appliance  

Bartesian, a prominent player in the tech-driven beverage industry, has unveiled the Premier cocktail-mixing appliance at CES 2024. This cutting-edge device boasts the capability to accommodate four different types of spirits and offers a selection of 60 cocktail recipes. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface, users can effortlessly choose their preferred cocktail, insert a cocktail capsule, and savor a premium mixed drink within seconds. The Premier is expected to hit the market later this year, with an estimated retail price of USD 369. 

iGulu’s Automated Brewing Machine 

Another innovation featured at CES 2024 is iGulu's automated brewing machine, enabling enthusiasts to craft their own beer in the comfort of their homes. This automated system streamlines the beer-making process, empowering users to produce personalized brews easily. The iGulu brewing machine exemplifies the fusion of technology and traditional craftsmanship, catering to the growing community of home brewers seeking a sophisticated and convenient brewing solution.  

Artly Coffee’s Robot Barista 

Artly Coffee's Barista Bot emulates the manner in which a human barista at your favorite coffee shop prepares your regular order.  

Alec Roig, a hardware developer at the Seattle-based tech startup, emphasized that the aim is to uphold the artistry of specialty coffee. The company has expanded to 10 Pacific Northwest and New York City locations. The in-house barista, responsible for all Artly's coffee recipes, was connected to motion sensors that captured his actions while preparing each recipe, from packing the coffee grounds into a filter to pouring milk and creating intricate Latte Art.  

The resident barista's movements were meticulously recorded using motion-capture technology, enabling the robots to replicate the exact actions through proprietary imitation learning, computer vision, and robotic control. This approach ensures that the robot baristas mirror the precision and passion of championship-winning human baristas, using the same industry-leading craft coffee equipment and tools in specialty coffee shops.  


CES 2024 showcased one of the latest technological advancements in the food and beverage industry, involving the emergence of AI-driven kitchen appliances and robots designed to prepare and mix drinks autonomously. These innovations hold the potential to transform the process of meal preparation, cooking, and serving.


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