U.S. Based Keysight Technologies' Lidar Target Simulator Set to Redefine Norms for Global Autonomous Vehicle Market

06 Jul 2023

In June 2023, Keysight Technologies is enhancing its acclaimed collection of autonomous driving validation test solutions by introducing the E8717A lidar target simulator (LTS). This advancement empowers automakers and lidar sensor manufacturers to thoroughly assess and validate lidar sensors specifically designed for autonomous vehicles (AVs). 

With the worldwide expansion of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous sensor maintenance equipment market, the escalating emphasis is given to vehicle safety for semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles. 

According to the BIS Research report, the global ADAS and autonomous sensor maintenance equipment market was valued at $2.70 million in 2022, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 49.68% and reach $152.66 million by 2032. 

The Keysight’s E8717A lidar target simulator is a convenient and automated desktop device that enables autonomous vehicle manufacturers and lidar sensor makers to efficiently examine and authenticate lidar sensors tailored for self-driving cars.

Here’s the Complete Story
Initially developed for applications in meteorology and topography, lidar has now found its way into the automotive industry as a sensing technology essential for AVs to perceive their surroundings and navigate safely through complex driving scenarios. 

Similar to radar-based systems, lidar sensor manufacturers face the crucial task of ensuring that their lidar systems can rapidly and reliably detect objects, allowing ADAS to function accurately before commercial deployment. Presently, designers rely on large floor spaces and traditional target boards to conduct sensor testing. Furthermore, the industry is grappling with the need to reduce sensor costs and scale up for mass production.

To tackle these challenges, Keysight has developed the LTS solution, which offers a compact and standardized bench setup to simulate test targets at defined distances and reflectivity levels. This innovative solution is specifically designed to streamline and expedite the testing, validation, and production of automotive lidar sensors through the application of standardization and automation techniques. 

Key Features of Keysight’s LTS Solutions
Keysight’s LTS offers the following advantages:

Covering Large Distances: The compact bench setup of the Keysight’s LTS efficiently utilizes test floor space by simulating target distances ranging from 3 meters to 300 meters and surface reflectivity levels from 10% to 94%. 

Insightful Analytics Improving Sensor Design and Performance: The robust testing software of the Keysight’s LTS generates valuable analytics by systematically varying target distance and reflectivity, facilitating valuable insights for enhancing design and performance.

Automated Software Accelerates Testing: The LTS test setup is completely automated through the use of a cobot, leveraging Keysight’s PathWave Test Executive for Manufacturing to enable test automation. The cobot ensures accurate device movement for field-of-view testing, while the automation software enhances testing speed and throughput, facilitating high-volume production.

Thomas Goetzl, Vice President of Keysight's Automotive & Energy Solutions, stated that “Lidar has a vital role in improving AV navigation alongside cameras and radars. Keysight's cobot-assisted lidar target simulator supports scalable lidar manufacturing testing for a successful market rollout.” 

Moreover, as the number of sensors integrated into vehicles with advanced or higher autonomous driving capabilities increases, the importance of ADAS and autonomous sensor maintenance equipment becomes increasingly critical for the effective operation of autonomous driving systems.

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