Waste Water Treatment Market Expected To Witness A Surge

12 Apr 2017

With the increasing pressure on ground water and fresh water resources, the treatment of waste water has come to the forefront to solve the issue of water scarcity. Governments of different countries are taking initiatives with private companies to install waste water treatment plant in different areas. In a similar move, Indian River County has proposed to spend $32,926 to reduce discharges from sewage treatment plants. Similar steps are being taken to treat waste water efficiently so that it does not affect the surrounding flora and fauna adversely.

One of the leaders of the global water and waste water treatment market, Kurita Water Industries Ltd., had already disrupted the market by launching their treatment system which could purify urine into water, and could be used for purification in space stations. Innovations have led the market towards development and with increasing need of water on the planet, the researchers are continuously coming up with newer and safer ways to treat water. Along with this, countries are implementing tougher and stringent rules to fight the waste water challenge affirmatively.

Acknowledging the changing dynamics of waste water treatment market and the challenge of water sufficiency posed by increasing cases of draughts, BIS Research has analysed the market and compiled an extensive report titled ‘Global Water and Waste Water Treatment Market, Analysis & Forecast: 2016 to 2022’. According to the analysis of the market global water and waste water treatment market by chemicals and equipment is anticipated to grow to $138.08 billion by 2022. 

According to the analyst at BIS Research, the market “is expected to be mainly driven by environmental impact, increasing population coupled, aging infrastructure and climatic concerns which will act as key drivers for the growth of this market.” Furthermore, the expected rise in population in the Asia-Pacific and African region at a faster rate, along with globalization will pave the way for development of the waste water treatment market.

The report skilfully identifies the potential market along with chemicals and equipment used across all municipal and industrial applications. The report also provides a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape and profiles key market players, such as Veolia Environment S.A, Suez Environment S.A, Kemira Oyj, Dow Chemical Company, among others. The recent activities by the key players in this market have also been tracked in the form of company profiles


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